How to manage your child’s progress and learning with Creta Class

How to manage your child’s progress and learning with Creta Class

Math is a subject that is loved by some and feared by most. From the age of three to eight, these mixed emotions for maths started to emerge. Creta Class India is one such app with several resources to help children get over this fear and increase their math proficiency and comprehension.

Even though most parents start teaching maths to their kids when they’re young, specific challenges still need solutions. For example, kids may only be interested in something for some time because of their short attention span.

Even if teaching children a subject using tutors or other methods is possible, it may take a lot of work to track their progress to see how well they are doing. Remember that every child is unique. While some people might be intellectually capable of understanding concepts quickly, others might need more time, practice, and guidance to understand a subject thoroughly. Hence, it becomes crucial to monitor your child’s development.

The Creta Class app is one such modern solution that makes it simpler for parents to monitor their child’s progress as they attend online math classes for 3-8 years old.

How can I track my child’s progress with the Creta Class App?

The Creta Class app has several features that make tracking your child’s progress much easier. Though apps are great for kids to learn, it is equally important for parents to keep track of their child’s progress. The app will provide a report via email elaborating on your child’s performance in a particular lesson.

Creta Class also provides one-on-one mentor service to check the development and improvement your kid requires. Besides, a grading system is also available, which helps parents to track their child’s performance regularly. The mentor’s instant feedback helps rectify the errors and motivates the kids to improve.

Features of the Creta Class Math Learning App

  • This top-notch educational app targets children between the ages of 3 and 8 at the foundational level. It utilizes AI programming and offers children an online math course. Ages 3-8 is a crucial stage for children to foster their interests in math and learn basic math knowledge. Creta Class aims to use systematic lessons to provide kids necessary math skills and further logical thinking training at this certain age range.
  • Cartoons are a favorite pastime of children, and the narrative video lessons of kids’ math classes in Creta Class with endearing animated characters are the best part of these online math courses. With animated characters in every lesson, children will not feel much pressure like in school. The animation will also be accepted easier by children to learn math with more fun.
  • Children between the ages of 3 and 8 have short attention spans. To address this, the Creta Class app produced 15-minute video lessons for online math classes for students. Children will be captivated by these interactive lesson videos and give them their full attention.
  • Portable and convenient have also been considered. Since it supports operating systems like Android and iOS, you can download this Creta Class app on any phone or tablet.


The Creta Class app has won numerous awards, so this is inevitable. Your child’s overall academic performance will improve if you use the Creta Class online math program. In addition to encouraging children’s curiosity and interest in science and technology, Creta Class helps them develop nine key competencies, including imagination, creativity, and critical thinking.

Visit the website to learn more about math classes for kids. Get your child to sit down and go through their free trial. Creta Class is available on Google Play on Android and App store on Apple. Children will love it!