Marvel’s Eternals 2: Release Date Rumours, Cast And Latest News

Marvel’s Eternals 2 Release Date

With Eternals currently accessible to view at leisure on Disney Plus, viewers might well be speculating if a second would be on the way. Although the first film undoubtedly laid the groundwork for Eternals 2, whether or not people will witness it is yet to be determined. Chloé Zhao’s amazing film introduces a fresh new superhero squad to the Marvel universe. Although it has been praised for its colorful ensemble, Eternals has gotten mediocre reactions, notably for a Marvel film. Zhao is willing to come back if Marvel confirms it.

Marvel's Eternals 2

When Could We Anticipate The Sequel To Eternals?

There is no definitive premiere date of Eternals 2 because Marvel has not yet announced it, but people can expect to wait a good two years. The MCU has a full calendar until the premiere on July 28, 2023, of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. That’s in stark contrast to filmmaker Zhao, who looked excited regarding the prospect of a continuation in a previous conversation with The Playlist. 

Furthermore, Marvel has several previously announced films, like Fantastic Four as well as Blade, that are currently awaiting their release schedules. Any Eternals follow-up is unlikely to arrive until 2024. Because the MCU has grown, sequels normally appear three years following the original film, and as such, the November 2024 timeframe set by Marvel might be a suitable fit. For the time being, however, this is just speculative. Within Marvel Studios, it appears that the verdict is still out on whether Eternals would be renewed, with box office numbers inclined to be the determining factor.


Who Might Be In A Possible Eternals 2 Movie?

All of the surviving victims from the original Eternals film might return for a possible sequel. Sersi, the de facto fresh Eternals commander, would most likely be played by Gemma Chan. In truth, she appears to be someone people will see once more in the MCU. This most likely implies she’ll be paired with Kumail Nanjiani playing Kingo as well as Brian Tyree Henry playing Phastos. The group was abducted by the heavenly Arishem, played by David Kaye, at the final scene, so we anticipate this suspense to be addressed. 

Meanwhile, aboard the Domo in the galaxy, we have yet another triad to pursue: fighter Thena by Angelina Joli), speedy Makkari by Lauren Ridloff, and Moody Druig by Barry Keoghan.

You can expect to see Kingo’s chauffeur Karun, portrayed by Harish Patel, and Sersi’s mortal lover Dane Whitman — although he may have a place in the MCU as a particular Black Knight, including an Ebony Blade. And so, Kit Harington is also expected to reprise his role as Dane Whitman, maybe playing the Black Knight, as indicated in the film’s post-credits sequence. As a consequence of the post-credits sequence, you may witness a cameo from dual Oscar star Mahershala Ali playing Blade – whose voice was verified by filmmaker Chloe Zhao. 


In terms of the credits sequences, the second will have an added surge of star quality in the shape of Harry Styles, who marked his MCU appearance in the mid-credits moment as Eros, or Starfox, or Thanos’ sibling. He’ll be accompanied by Pip the Troll, who got voiced by Patton Oswalt in the previous film and is expected to be back.

If the sequel is approved, you can anticipate most of the actors to return, although the first film wasn’t devoid of its losses. Salma Hayek’s Ajak was slain by Deviants owing to Ikaris’ assistance, while head Deviant Kro, dubbed by Bill Skarsgard, murdered Don Lee’s Gilgamesh. At the film’s conclusion (lol, yes), Richard Madden’s Ikaris soared into the sun, supposedly to his demise, after realizing the folly of his actions. That concludes the deaths, but Sersi transformed Lia McHugh’s Sprite into a living thing, perhaps ruling out a comeback. If Sprite does reappear, McHugh’s character may be replaced. It is highly doubted that the dead protagonists from the first movie will make a reappearance unless they show up in memories. Zhao also hinted in the latest discussion that her Nomadland co-star Frances McDormand might be interested in a position in the MCU.


What May Happen In Eternals 2’s Plot?

While the first film was heavily influenced by Jack Kirby’s cartoons, it primarily told its tale, making it difficult to predict what would occur in the sequel. Fortunately, you can only concentrate on the original film’s cliffhanger finish. After rejecting their master and progenitor Arishem and preventing Tiamut from devastating Earth, the Eternals split off and presume all is finished for the time being. They are wrong, however, as Arishem abducts Sersi, Kingo, as well as Phastos off Earth. Arishem informs them how he intends to examine their recollections to determine whether mankind is worthy of existence, similar to how he appears in the cartoons as a Celestial who determines whether each planet’s civilization merits survival or perish. 

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First and foremost, the suspenseful abduction of Sersi, Kingo, as well as Phastos by Arishem must be handled, and with Chan ostensibly guaranteeing Sersi’s arrival, this will be the case. Elsewhere, you would need to start up where the film left off on the Domo, when Thena, Makkari, as well as Druig get their first contact with the Eternal called Eros and his friend Pip the Troll. You will also undoubtedly see more of Dane Whitman with his meeting with Blade — if this happens in an Eternals follow-up or perhaps another MCU movie like the next Blade feature or a possible Black Knight spin-off needs to be determined. One of the big mysteries is whether the celestial entities would interact with the MCU’s known heroes, with all previous speculation depicting them as residing in their universe.

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Will Any Avenger Appear?

From the surprise cliffhanger of Arishem’s judgment to the entrance of Harry Styles’ Eros, the film’s finale creates several avenues for recognizable personalities to enter the battle. The following Avengers and Marvel superheroes are expected to feature in Eternals 2.

  1. Thor


Chris Hemsworth’s character has a slew of Jane Foster-related private difficulties to cope with first. However, there’s a possibility he’ll run across several of the Eternals after completing Love and Thunder. Maybe the God of Thunder visits the Domo while he travels around the galaxy, temporarily stopping to assist its crew in locating missing family and friends. 

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  1. Nick Fury

Nick Fury

Nick Fury, who’s been off-world ever since the conclusion of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, is another interstellar travel figure. While it’s evident that the former SHIELD commander is traversing the universe with a spacecraft crew of Skrulls, it’s unclear what he’s up to in the solar system. A spin with the Eternals may give some solutions for those in need of guidance. Fury’s talk with the celestial heroes might show that he’s looking for relocated Skrulls, keeping an eye on the Celestials’ actions, or simply grazing some cosmic cattle. 

If the Eternals confess to Fury that they opted not to interfere in specific global events, they will be hauled out for failing to assist in the Battle of New York, Thanos’ assault over Earth, or the climactic fight in Endgame. They ought to be chastised for this at the very least.

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  1. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is among the rare Avengers that prefers to remain in space rather than on Earth, therefore she may cross paths with the Eternals aboard their ship. While it isn’t explicitly stated in the film, filmmaker Chloé Zhao envisions that the Eternals were not the only force that the Otherworldly beings have enlisted to keep an eye on specific worlds. 

Eros appears to be proof of this; therefore, Carol may have seen additional groups of Eternals around the galaxy or extraterrestrial races uprooted by Emergences that destroyed their homeworlds. Chasing these footprints may have caused Captain Marvel to have a falling out with the Celestials; therefore, she may wish to help the Eternals halt their plot to destroy additional planets.

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  1. Thanos


Thanos is no longer alive. The Mad Titan was destroyed to ashes in Endgame, but it doesn’t mean he won’t show up in Eternals 2. In the post-credits sequence, Pip the Troll explicitly discusses Eros’ genealogy, saying that Harry Styles’ role is Thanos’ brother. A few memories in an Eternals second would help flesh out the brothers’ past and clarify why they appear so dissimilar. This may even give a chance to illustrate further the Mad Titan’s warped reasoning for smiting half of the cosmos, as well as how his planet perished. Did Thanos choose to snap to stop Emergences from occurring throughout the universe? Was he a hero, after all?

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  1. White Vision

White Vision

Vision has been missing since the conclusion of WandaVision.  The android rocketed into the skies after a profound mental struggle with his more vivid counterpart. Is it feasible that the bleached form of the android made its way into space? White Vision could have done a Bruce Banner and landed himself on an alien world, or he could be roaming the cosmos on a quest of self-discovery to figure out who he is. 

Conversely, this new Vision incarnation may have transformed himself into space junk by freezing in the icy grasp of space. The Domo may collide with this cosmic roadkill and transport it onboard, providing White Vision a more significant meaning in the future. Paul Bettany has indeed thought about where the next iteration of his character would wind up, so possibly some of his concepts will intersect about where the Eternals might end up in a movie.

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  1. Uatu


Sersi, Phastos, as well as Kingo are taken away by Arishem after Eternals to have their recollections evaluated to decide whether mankind is worthy of surviving. Their thoughts, however, will not show all of the entire race’s triumphs and achievements, so they may want some assistance in persuading the court of their case. If only there was a figure who had a limitless understanding of all life in the cosmos, and for that The Watcher has arrived. 

Uatu in What If…? by Jeffrey Wright might be the secret to proving humanity’s worth to the Celestials. If the mainline world is not enough to persuade Arishem, he may use Multiversal testimonials to back up his argument.

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It still needs to be seen whether or not the Eternals will come for a sequel, as Marvel has still not given it a go. Viewers all around the world are waiting to hear some positive news, and till the time it comes, you can watch the Eternals on Disney+ for now.

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