Konosuba Season 3 Officially Confirmed – Know Release Date Here

Konosuba Season 3

For the fans of this isekai comedy series, there is good news. Season 3 of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World is confirmed. The season is releasing this year.  Even though the release date is not confirmed or officially out yet, sources indicate that it will release soon enough. The fan theories are going haywire with whether the release will be season 3 or just another side project, let’s delve inside the Konosuba anime and the new release.

The fantasy adventure series is a parody anime made to tickle your funny bones. With two seasons and a total of 20 episodes, 10 for each season, the anime has won the hearts of many fans and is famous across the globe. The series also has two OVAs or Original Video Animations under its belts. 

Konosuba Anime

Konosuba Anime: What You Need To Know Before The Third Season

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World is otherwise known in Japanese as Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! This comedy, fantasy anime is based on a light novel of the same name. The writer of the novel is Natsume Akatsuki. The anime however is directed by Takaomi Kanansaki. He has also served on the storyboard for the famous anime, “The time I got reincarnated as a Slime”. 

The plot of Konosuba revolves around Kazuma Sato. Kazuma Satto is a ‘hikikomori’ or rather, a nerd who loves games, manga, and anime and likes to shut himself from the world. Tragically, he dies, the ending is a very short life. But, wait! Kazuma is not dead yet; he opens his eyes to see a beautiful goddess. She asks him if he would like to live, but not as Kazuma but get reincarnated in another world. Kazuma is happy to get a chance to live again, but the goddess conditions him to only bring one thing with him to the other world. Kazuma is not a fool, he uses his nerd energy and asks the goddess to go with him.

The goddess agrees and they embark upon an adventure unbeknownst to anyone else. In the other world, Kazuma faces the demon king, ruthless and dangerous as they come. Kazuma is all ready to fight him, but first comes food, then shelter, then clothes. While struggling to find these necessities, the goddess does nothing but create one problem after the next for him. On the other hand, the demon king is all ready for Kazuma.

The Storyline Of Konosuba Season 1

With 10 episodes, the season premiered on 13 January 2016. The season released its 10th and last episode on 16 March 2016, followed by the OVA, “God’s Blessings on This Wonderful Choker!” on 24 June of the same year. 

The season was funny, to say the least. Kazuma and Aqua, the goddess, are introduced. They both meet when Kazuma dies. Aqua asks Kazuma to get reincarnated in the RPG-like world as an adventurer. Kazuma, who is sad because he is dead, gets annoyed by Aqua’s behavior and drags her to the other world with him. They spend their time as laborers, earning money before they realize they need to work towards killing the evil demon king.

Several characters like Darkness, Chris, and Megumin are introduced in the following episodes. Several new villains like Snow Sprites and Winter Shogun are also introduced. The season ends with Kazuma being captured by a noble whose castle he and his friends blasted while trying to blow the destroyer.

The Storyline Of Konosuba Season 2

The Storyline Of Konosuba Season 2

The first episode of Season 2 was released on 12 January 2017. The last and tenth episode was released on 16 March 2017. This season starts with Kazuma being arrested. Following the events of the last season, Kazuma is arrested for treason. However, none of his friends are there to support him. Kazuma tries to prove that he is not a member of the Devil King’s army. But the noble, whose mansion they destroyed in the last season, asks the judge to convict him. Stepping in to help her friend, Darkness reveals her true identity. After the reveal, Kazuma gets a stay on his trial. 

The series follows darkness being set up for marriage with a son of the Devil King, while she is trying to evade it. Kazuma discovers a trait of Aqua which makes their life very difficult. Aqua is being accused by a group of villagers to be part of Devil King’s army, while she was only trying to help him. The season ends with Kazuma and his friends getting thrown out of the village because Aqua refused to stop changing the hot spring’s water into normal water.

However, an OVA was released on 7 July 2017 as the last episode of the second season. The OVA followed Kazuma meeting Ran, who claims to be his fan. Kazuma figures out, after getting knocked several times, that Ran is not his fan. 

The Storyline Of Konosuba Season 3

Season 3 for the hilarious anime series was confirmed recently. However, there is a possibility that the confirmation is not for season 3 but another side project or spin-off of the series, for example, Megumin’s point of view. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, a new release for Konosuba is in the works. Instead of focusing on fan theories, we can just pray it’s season 3.

Season 3 Cast

The cast for season 3 will stay the same as the previous two seasons. In the character of Megumin is Rie Takahashi. Kazuma Sato is voiced by Jun Fukushima. Aqua and Lalatina (Darkness) are played by Sora Amamiya and Ai Kayano, respectively. 

  • Rie Takahashi

Rie Takahashi

  • Jun Fukushima

Jun Fukushima

  • Sora Amamiya

Sora Amamiya

  • Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano

The score or the opening theme for the anime, known as “Fantastic Dreamer” is given by Machico. The series ends with “Chiisana Boukensha” playing in the background. This song is sung by Sora Amamiya, Ai Kayano, and Rie Takahashi, who play the characters of Aqua, Darkness, and, Megumin respectively.

Konosuba Anime Series: Other News

As mentioned earlier, the show is based on the light novel series of the same name. With fans speculating whether the latest release will be season 3 of the series or not, the release of season 4 is still in question. But if we analyze the manga, the writer has released 17 volumes of the series. The writer has finished the story, but the second season did not cover enough of the story for season 3 to be the last and final season. Hence, there are a lot of chances that there will be a season 4 for the anime as well.

 Seeing as how the novel upon which the series is based is one of the top light novels of all times, the series was bound to be at least half as famous as the book. The sales of the anime series are better than average and the profits are enough that the producers think for more works related to the Konosuba series. So, in case you were wondering if the Konosuba world might come to an end soon, think again.

On another note, seeing as how season three has been confirmed at the beginning of the year, it is more than likely that the release will be at least by the middle of the year. Our bet is the end of the year, but the sooner the better.

Where Can I Watch The Series?

Like most of the other anime series, Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World is available on Crunchyroll. The two seasons of the anime are also available on Netflix. You can view the other related videos, such as trailers and teaser,s on youtube.

The anime series has viewers divided on its review.  The series is an isekai, comedy, fantasy, adventure, harem anime with an RPG world and a hikikomori protagonist. The story centers around the adventure the protagonist and his friends embark upon while trying to kill the ultimate villain, the devil king. As mentioned, the fans for the series think it is hands down one of the best comedy anime ever made. On the other hand, the other placid viewers think of it more as an average anime with few good laughs and an overall casual and cliché storyline.

Few Final Words

The anime has a rating of 7.9 on IMDb. My animalist rates it an 8.1 out of 10. The show has also garnered a total of 96% of ratings by google users. The art of the anime is very bright and colorful. It brings out the depressing mood of the RPG world. The theme and credit songs are very slow and mellow. This brings out the relaxed and chill tone of the anime very well. Taking into account that the show is rated PG -13, it is advised that young viewers proceed with caution. The show is very catchy and hooks viewers early on. Since it is not very long, with each episode only 23 minutes long, it does not get very boring or draggy. Overall, the anime series is a great watch in case you are looking for something relaxing and funny.