Hilda Season 2 Netflix Official Release Date, Exclusive Updates On Season 2 Episodes

Hilda Season 2 Netflix Official Release Date

Good news for Hilda fans! The popular animated series is all set to make it come back through its second season. The second season is expected to release in December 2020. Based on the novels and comics of the same name, Hilda is one of the famous animated series on Netflix. The series is the main attraction for kids, but there are also adult fans for the series.

Season 1 of Hilda premiered on Netflix in September 2018 and it was renewed for season 2 after a month. The first season of Hilda covered some of the topics in the original novel by Luke Pearson which include Hilda and the Midnight Giant, Hilda and the Black Hound, Hilda and the Troll, and Hilda and the bird parade. So, season 2 of Hilda will naturally focus on recent Hilda books like Hilda and the Mountain King and Hilda and the Stone Forest. It will also have a content based on unreleased material.

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Here is the Official Release Date of Hilda Season 2

According to verified sources, Season 2 of Hilda will hit Netflix globally on December 14th, 2020. The official Twitter handle of Hilda Series has been posting character designs of Hilda season 2 every Thursday. 

The character designs of Woodman and Swamp man have been released so far. Swamp man is considered an amazing Warrior, whose real name is Sigurd. The caption for the character is “If you ever fall in battle, you will want to have him around.” 

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If you want to catch up on the new characters of Hilda season 2, you should follow the official handle of the series on Twitter. Every Thursday a new character design will be unveiled. 

Hilda Season 2 – Exclusive episode details

Below are the first three episode names of season 2 of Hilda. 

  • Episode 1: The troll Circle
  • Episode 2: The witch
  • Episode 3: The Witches’ Tower

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Movie on Hilda?

And not just series, a movie will also be released On Hilda soon. The film’s production work is ongoing. Just the Press statement regarding the Hilda film has been released so far. Therefore, more details about the movie are awaited. It is expected that the Hilda movie will naturally release on Netflix as Netflix has the Hilda series. We will come to know more about the movie after season two of Hilda’s releases on Netflix.

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