All You Need To Know About Big Mouth Season 6!

Big Mouth Season 6

Whenever a series or drama launches, the first thing people check is if the series will have a sequel or not. It’s not very surprising to know that audiences really get happy when a series has a sequel and talking about Big Mouth it has its 6th season releasing soon. The series has gotten such a wonderful response, that the makers are obliged to make more and more of it. 

This article is specially created for the super fans of Big Mouth wherein they can read and get ready to welcome the newest season!

Big Mouth Season 6

What Is Big Mouth As A Whole Series?

Big Mouth is an American rom-com series given an adult certificate by the censors. The reason why it is loved so much is that it is an animated series. Till date, it has its five seasons released, all of which are available on Netflix. The very first of the Big Mouth season was released on 29th September in the year 2017. 

The story revolves around a teenage schooler squad in the city of New York. The protagonists are shown to be best friends who are studying in class 7; as they hit puberty their journey of exploring and discovering new and fun stuff for their age starts. Their daily struggles include masturbation, feeling of sensuality, hormonal changes, etc. The series showcases the journey of the schoolers trying to befriend people and things that are willing to offer help, which turns out to be confusing for their age wherein they are just hit by puberty. They move forward in the journey with an aim to explore more about their puberty which eventually leads to their destruction both in and out. The seasons move ahead with the same basic plot in mind.

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When Is Season 6 Hitting The Floors?

In the year 2019, there was a lot of hype about the show and there were also talks about season 6. The officials have from then only spoken till season 6 arrival which indicates that this could be the show finale. But this isn’t something to brood on for a long time as Netflix doesn’t allow people to not chill as it keeps bringing in new shows and seasons. There is also an announcement done by the officials of Big Mouth that its brother show named Human Resource will be released too.

Netflix has to date done a great job with respect to its animated shows and this is the reason why people are more than ever excited about it. The last season was released just a while ago in November 2021, which states that season 6 can take a bit more time. There are speculations with respect to the release of Big Mouth’s 6th season. Sources say that there is a possibility that the season can be released by September. 

There isn’t any trailer launched by the makers in respect to the next season. But, keeping in mind that all the season’s trailers have been launched a month before the actual release, it can be said that the audiences can expect it around August and September tentatively. 

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What Will The Viewers Get To Experience In Season 6 Of Big Mouth?

  • Big Mouth – Season 1 & 2

Its first season shows that Andrew is being controlled by a Hormone Monster who put some spells on him. The season also shows Andrew’s best friend turning into an overly obsessive person with respect to himself. 

  • Big Mouth – Season 3

The second season’s overview is that it showcases various realities, some very weird and some normal. In this season the kids discover more about themselves and their physical bodies, learn the term body shaming, birth control and periods, etc. The third season is regarded as a very soft season and is known to be emotional. There are more new characters added and more new puberty talks are done.

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Big Mouth - Season 3

  • Big Mouth – Season 4

Season 4 of one of the most-watched shows Big Mouth brings into light topics like overthinking, anxiety, etc. As the season progresses, it explores various situation-based anxieties like the stress of becoming old, growing up-related stress, the stress of finding one’s true identity and the very basics of knowing one’s self and accepting it the way it is. And eventually, it showcases what the show is made for and its main storyline of discovering the feeling of sexuality and things that go on with it. The show speaks of love in its most raw forms, discovering the sexual gender of oneself, etc.

Big Mouth - Season 4

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  • Big Mouth – Season 5

The show wrapped its 5th season up by revealing its most important storyline. It also brought to notice the hormone monsters. The most surprising factor of the season was that Nick was shown as an action hero and Lola regrets her treating Jay badly. Later she tries to make her relationship and rapport with Jay good, but to no use as Mathew confesses to Jay about his crush on him. Now when the ball is in Jay’s court, he ditches Lola and chooses Mathew.  

Big Mouth - Season 5

Season five can be unapologetically called the season of apologies, where every second character apologizes. When the last season has ended on such a good note, and when all the plots have been unveiled, there seems to be no guesswork related to the next season. 

  • Big Mouth – Season 6

The 6th season of Big Mouth can take any turns and bring a whole different angle to the plot. The sources say that the audiences might get to see the finale in the way of getting to see how these children grow into adults leaving their adolescence stage behind.

Big Mouth - Season 6

The Characters Who Began From The Very First Season 

The show Big Mouth has had one of the largest sets of characters and team. All stars are notable comedy celebrities of this era who have lent their voices to the characters, which is the most important factor that decides the show’s revenues. 

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  • Nicholas Arsenio

Nicholas Arsenio is a boy who is in his adolescent stage. He has his overprotective parents living with him, and two older siblings. Nicholas is shown to have insecurities regarding his puberty as their scholars tell him that he is a “late bloomer”. 

  • Maurice Beverley

Maurice Beverley is a monster who is responsible for all the sexual and wild fantacies Andrew thinks about. The specialty of this monster is that he induces thoughts at very abrupt times and situations. He is being regarded in the series as the Hormone Monster. 

  • Coach Steve

Coach Steve is the school’s gym teacher who is very hyperactive and over-talkative. He likes to ask his students and other professors to spend time with him. His character is shown to be childish and the one who isn’t very capable of allowing shame to get to his head. 

  • Rick

There is another hormone monster in the series, named Rick. Initially, he is shown to be retired very early but later gets a new position. Her parents are interesting characters as her father consumes drugs on a regular basis, and her mother keeps it a secret that she dates another lady. 

  • Jayzerian Ricflairian

Jayzerian Ricflairian is a boy in his adolescence who is fascinated with sexual intercourse and magical powers. He is said to be addicted to sex in such a way that he is said to have made a pillow into a sex toy. 

  • Lola Skumpy

Lola Skumpy is a famous girl at school who doesn’t have a lid for her temper. Her only fear is of losing her social status. She likes to give her best buddy Devin the authority to approve or reject anything in her life. 

  • Andrew Glouberman

Andrew Glouberman is Nick’s best buddy and likes to spend most of his time masturbating. He isn’t bisexual which is proved in season 1 of the series but is often shown to be attracted to the boys. 

  • Jessica Cobain

Jessica Cobain is a sarcastic and smart school girl. 

  • Melissa

Melissa is a very studious girl who often has to face peer pressure and inferiority complex for always having been brought up in a cocoon. Andrew never misses a chance to showcase his love towards her. 

  • Other characters

The other characters are Elliot Birch, Matthew MacDell, Barbara Glouberman, Marty Glouberman, Greg Glaser, Shannon Glaser, Devin LeSeven, DeVon, Gina Alvarez,  Lars, Caleb, Samira, Judd Birch, and Mark Du Val Bilzerian.

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Can The Makers Of Big Mouth Give Its Audiences A Valentine’s Present?

There are quite a few speculations regarding the above-mentioned question. The question arises from the last surprise the fans received when in 2019, a long episode was released. But from 2019 till 2022 January, the makers haven’t given their fans any surprises. 

Characters of big mouth

There are high possibilities that the makers of the show will reconsider their prior ideas and air an episode or a trailer on Valentine’s Day. But there isn’t any dearth of festivals and holiday season; as in after Valentine’s Day in February comes the Easter holidays, and the fans can keep their hopes high.

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The Bottom Line

If season 6 ever releases and hopes that to be sooner, it will be aired on Netflix, where all its previous seasons were released earlier. For the ones who haven’t watched Big Mouth, it is quite a recommended show if you like animated cartoons and rom-coms. 

When the makers had announced officially this show in 2017, there weren’t any such expectations that the show could make this big. But time and again, it has proved itself as it has sustained through all the various trends and genres, striving to be the best-animated show in history in the genre. Till the makers of the show release its next season, audiences have a whole lot of five seasons to watch. To date, there hasn’t been any late releases from the maker’s end. The show had actually started plotting its season six. This seems to be one of those shows which keeps reliving itself in order to keep up with the trend yet to keep the main storyline a highlight. 

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