OnePlus TV Y Series Starts Receiving OTA 2 System Update, Bringing New Features and Optimisations

OnePlus TV Y Series

One Plus’s TV Y series is finally getting system software updates, which is the second major update software update. This new TV series is one of the most affordable TV series with its base variant priced at Rs. 12,999 for 32 inch and Rs. 22,999 for 43 inch. The television series launched in July, and it runs on Android TV along with the customizations from One Plus similar to that of the previous One Plus Q1 television series. The company has come up with new system updates for the new television series, and the updates are periodic so that the user experience can get better.

The company announced its new update during the official forum, and both the variants have started receiving the updates. When talking about the OTA updates, users will get an all-new experience since it works with Alexa suite so that Amazon’s Alexa speakers as well as the voice assistant can work easily without any hassle. Plenty of optimizations have been made so that the user experience can work better. Optimizations include One Plus Connect app so that users can connect their smartphones with TV, better audio quality, a better system as well as memory usage.  

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The company has also promised that the updates will no doubt be incremental, and even roll out in the future. So, not every user will get an update option right now, and they have to wait. As of now, the improvements will be incremental, and only the immediate issues will be solved immediately after the launch of the television. Besides, One Plus even launched 55UI LED television, along with Y series, whose base price starts from 49,999. 55UI is 4K TV that comes with HDR benefit, 32Y1, as well as 43Y1, comes with HD and Full-HD resolution. All the televisions from One Plus run on the same software so that users can get smart television experience along with Android TV 9 Pie. 

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