Top 10 Best iOS Apps that Are Must Own For An iPhone User in 2024

Best iOS Apps

Smartphones have turned out to be such an integral part of the lives of people in modern times that people cannot even imagine staying away from their Smartphones for a long time. Earlier, what cell phones meant to us was limited to a device used for making and receiving calls. But, in the present times, it has become very significant for the people as it simplifies life in different ways. Be it getting reminded for important appointments and tasks or the work-life, people are largely dependent on smartphones. Smartphones offer numerous advantages and what makes them a smartphone is the software applications. These applications can be downloaded and installed on an iPhone from the App store. Downloading the required apps is a very easy process.

Choosing the best apps for your iPhone can be quite tricky because of the wide range of applications available in the app market. However, we are going to mention the 10 best apps that must be there on your iPhone. 

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The 10 Best IOS Apps in 2024

1. Password 

The iCloud Keychain is itself a great option for the iPhone users for managing their website logins and passwords, a single password can be used for handling multiple logins, two-factor authentication, and several vaults that can be shared easily. This makes this application the most reliable software for managing passwords. This app provides several vaults that can be shared amongst venture partners. The best part of this application is the fact that it is multilingual. 

2. Google Photos 

This application can be the best choice if you prefer storing your pictures and videos in a cloud photo library. It backs up the photos on your device automatically to your Google account and you don’t have to enforce that. If you want to stop the backup, you can do that by launching the Google Photos app on your device. The users can use this application in several languages and in all the devices that run on IOS. 

3. Carrot Weather 

Another must-have app for your iPhone is the carrot weather app. It is a very reliable application if you are looking for a weather foretelling application other than the weather app on your iPhone. This app can be customized and it offers a lot of services and features. You can download this app from the app store and complete the installation process. 

4. Stocard 

A lot of memberships and stores have become digitalized but a lot of them are still in the plastic form which is supposed to be carried around when you are out. Stocard is such an app that scans the barcodes of all your cards and accordingly digitally organises them. Whenever you are visiting a store, you just need to take your phone out and get the barcode scanner. For extra proof of the card, you can only store the picture of the back and front side of the card. This can also be downloaded from the app store. 

5. Things

Things is a task managing application which provides outstanding performance. If you want to get all your tasks organized in life, then you are going to love this application. By using this app, you can know the perfect balance between features that are both powerful and easy-to-use. It offers a variety of features which can be very helpful for you in task management. 

6. City mapper 

If you are looking for the perfect transit app which will be packed with features, then Citymapper has to be the one. It fetches data from a few agencies dealing with transit orders and then creates a unified and cohesive picture of the ways by which you can stroll across the city. It lets you know about all the modes of transportation such as trains, busses, subways, and other rental services too.

7. My Fitness Pal

This is a great application that lets you keep a track of your diet and further categorizes your diet into different components. This way it helps you in maintaining a proper balance in your diet and keeps you ahead in being healthier. It incorporates a large number of foods that are commonly taken and all you need to do is getting the barcode scanner of any packed food and include it in your daily estimate. It has a simple user interface and can be used by everyone. 

8. Day One

The Apple notes app which is available on the IOS devices is a good app for maintaining your to-do lists and keeping your notes safe. But if want access to other features like maintaining a journal, mapping out entries, and Markdown support then, Day One has to be the go-to app for you. It requires a yearly membership, but also offers a free trial when you download it. It lets you add your favourite journals in different languages. 

9. DEVON think to go 

Devon thinks to go is the perfect tool that can provide you with a paperless office on all your IOS devices. The Mac version can be used for scanning documents and can be automatically transcribed into the PDF that can be searchable and synced with iCloud. The IOS version of this app lets you sort, search, view, and browse information anytime and anywhere. 

10. Unread 

A lot of people still enjoy reading RSS and they have reverted in trend over the years recently since a lot of users choose the way by default for reading websites. Unread is one such app that allows minimalistic RSS reading. It can get synchronized with several service providers. It allows you to download the complete content of the articles you stream which keeps you from navigating out to other apps to read the full articles. It is an app that can be configured in several ways. 

All the apps mentioned above can be used on all IOS devices. However, some of these apps are free to use and some have in-app purchases. These apps can be very helpful in making your smartphone even smarter. Hence, if you have not tried them till now, go ahead and give them a try. 

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