What Is eCricket?


Source: Pexels

The world of eSports is kicking off and now there is a host of different games and tournaments to choose from for punters and fans. One of the newest is eCricket, a digitised version of cricket. For people who love a sport that has millions of viewers and participants globally, the format will bring a different dimension to the experience. For those who aren’t keen on the tradition, the modern element will add excitement and anticipation.

Before you can enjoy eCricket, it’s essential to understand what it’s about and how it works. With that in mind, here’s our guide to the activity and how you can enjoy the first-of-its-kind tournaments that have only been available for around 12 months.

How Does it Work?

The individual rules and regulations differ depending on the tournament. Although there are only a couple of versions of eCricket, not all of them are the same. However, a simulated cricket league will typically follow a couple of foundations that you will find across the board. For instance, they mix technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning with human players to land on the result.

Of course, it’s worth highlighting that the outcomes are unpredictable, yet the data used does drive the odds. Speaking of odds, it is possible to place a wager on the games if you want to make eCricket matches more entertaining – just as you can with the real sport. In many ways, traditional cricket and eCricket are very similar, yet the rules differ enough to ensure there is a new dimension for punters and spectators.

How Long Do Games Last?

Usually, games last for about 60 minutes. This means they are more like One-Day International fixtures, such as T20 and fifty-over formats. Currently, simulated test matches are harder to come by due to the length – most tests last for five days and don’t always finish with a positive result. However, the short and snappy element of hour-long games is ideal for viewers because they don’t have to wait for days before finding out who is going to win.

How Many Matches Are There Per Day?

Most tournament days feature five games that last one hour each. That’s five hours of eCricket to consume if you wish! Like cricket, they often begin mid-morning and end in the evening. For example, the majority of the ties start at 10 am and finish by 5 pm.

Will eCricket Rival Traditional Cricket?

It’s hard to say whether the remote format will be as big as the traditional one at this point, particularly as it hasn’t been around for very long. Still, if other eSports are to go by, the data is positive and suggests that the simulated leagues will be incredibly popular.

Consider the eSports industry for a moment. Revenues for the sector almost hit £1 billion in 2021 alone, which showcases the demand for the market and the number of customers who are investing in the industry. The revenues are only expected to trend one way, with 2022 set to be the year that eSports increases its year-on-year revenues by 15%. The global audience is set to grow by half a billion, too.

When you consider these statistics, it’s easy to see why eCricket organisers have released the game now and how it could gain momentum in the next couple of years. After all, other virtual sports have done the same, so why not cricket?