WhatsApp Working On Allowing Different Wallpapers In Chats For Android Users

WhatsApp Working On Allowing Different Wallpapers In Chats For Android Users

Since the time, WhatsApp has been introduced, it has been the number one messaging app out there. You can come across many messaging apps in the app store, but none of them beats WhatsApp. This is one messaging app that is used by millions of users all around the world. They keep adding new features to make the app more interesting.

According to news, WhatsApp is currently working on its new feature which will allow you to use different backgrounds for all your chats. This feature has already been used in the beta version of ios. But now it’s time for the android user to enjoy the same. This new wallpaper feature could be sighted in the beta version of WhatsApp which is v2.20.199.5 for Android. Right now this feature is being developed for android users and therefore, you won’t be able to use the feature even if you are using the beta version of the app.

WhatsApp is expected to make the feature available for everyone. But for now, we don’t know when that is going to happen.

WABetaInfo found about the new feature in the WhatsApp v2.20.199.5 beta version for Android. According to a report, when users will try to use a default wallpaper, the app will ask them if they want to download the WhatsApp Wallpaper application. This means that there is going to be a WhatsApp app that will provide you Wallpapers for the messaging app. The good thing is that the app is available in Google Playstore and was updated in 2011. After the new feature is out, they will surely update the app and also add more new options.

As per the new feature, you will be allowed to use different wallpapers for all your chats. In other words, a new wallpaper for each of your chats. The feature is going to be similar to what was previously spotted on the beta version of ios. WABetaInfo said that the feature is going to arrive for android users soon enough. But they didn’t give us a date.

Other than the new Wallpaper feature, they are also known to develop storage usage features as well. According to this new feature, the app is going to have a storage bar added at the top. This will provide you details on the amount of space occupied by the files you shared over the app. along with that, the app is expected to have a Suggested clean up feature too. This will allow you to delete the files that you don’t need any more after reviewing them. This will help you create more space. As far as we know, this feature too is under development. it is not yet available for the beta users either.

With all these new features the app is going to become more useful and efficient. right now we don’t know the release dates of these features. but we expect them to arrive soon enough.


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