Jax Sheets Net Worth 2024: What Happened After Shark Tank

Jax Sheets Net Worth

Men and women are built differently. While most women change their bedsheets every few days, men go unbothered for months. What they don’t understand is that using the same bedsheet for a long time can lead to a host of health issues.

To deal with this problem, founder Wen Muenyi came up with a brilliant product called Jax Sheets. These are copper-infused silky cotton sheets that are specially designed for men who don’t like to change their bedsheets often.

Jax Sheets appeared on season 12 of Shark Tank, but unfortunately failed to secure a deal. As per sources, the current net worth of the company is $800,000.

Quick Facts

Business details: Copper-infused silky cotton sheets
Founders name: Wenceslaus Muenyi
Founded in: 2020
Location (Country): USA
Investment Asked by Company: $212,000 for 10% equity
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Shark Tank Episode: Season 12 Episode 13
Net Worth $800,000
Business Status: Active
Social Media Instagram
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2024

Who is the founder?

Wenceslaus Muenyi hails from a polygamist family in Cameroon, Africa. He moved to St. Paul Minnesota at the young age of 9.

As a child, he had a stuttering problem, but that didn’t stop him from completing his marketing degree at the University of Florida.

Before founding Jax Sheets, he worked at XDA Developers and later joined WMPoweruser.com. After some time, he became a partner at GBM Software and MobileMerit. He also worked for companies like Android.net, Droidforums, and IntoMobile. He also has experience selling smartphones at Best Buy.

His first company was Zyrho Software Marketing Consulting. After that, he joined MaxMP as a product marketing director.

Founding Jax Sheets

While visiting Iceland, he noticed that his polyester and cotton shirts got smelly. This sparked a curiosity inside him to find out what material wouldn’t smell bad for as long as possible.

He then discovered silver, copper, and bamboo. He used these materials to design his apparel line and launched HercLeon in 2017. Later he used the same materials for bedsheets and founded Jax Sheets in 2020.

Before entering Shark Tank, he made sales of $270,000.

Jax Sheets

Jax Sheets On Shark Tank

Wen Muenyi went to season 12 of Shark Tank to seek $212,000 for 10%. He started his pitch with Jax Sheets and also included HercLeon in the deal.

In the beginning, the Sharks were interested in his offer, but after he revealed the sales details, they started backing out one by one. However, the Sharks loved his personality.

Muenyi had to leave the show without a deal.

Jax Sheets After Shark Tank

Despite not getting a deal from the Sharks, Muenyi managed to survive his business. His appearance on the show brought him immense publicity, resulting in huge sales.

So far, there have been no updates about the company. However, the business is still in operation. As per sources, Muenyi merged both his bedsheets and clothing line into one under HercLeon.com.

The products have a very good rating. It is rated 4.6 stars on Thisiswhyimbroke.com.

After appearing on the show, the brand started receiving huge orders which was difficult for Meunyi to handle alone. As of now, the company has not revealed the details of its sales. The net worth of the company stands at $800,000. We will update this post if there are any further updates.


1. How much is Jax Sheets worth?

Following their episode on Shark Tank, the audience received the company quite well and they ended up selling way more than they anticipated. The company did end up acquiring a valuation of $800,000.

2. Is Jax Sheets profitable?

Given that the company is on the road to becoming a million-dollar business, it is safe to assume that it is doing quite well for itself.

3. Are Jax Sheets worth it?

With a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating, it is safe to assume that Jax Sheets is a pretty great option that the consumers have liked and enjoyed the feel of.