Android Tablets To Google Kids Space Mode To Encourage Kid-Friendly Content

Android Tablets To Google Kids Space Mode

Google is soon going to introduce Kids Space Mode on Android tablets. This is done to encourage kids to use and explore technology in a new way.

Google has recently announced that Kids Space mode will soon be introduced to android devices that will have books, videos, and apps for kids to learn and explore. They also mentioned that it will come with parental controls so that parents can control what their kids are learning. This feature will also help parents to select “teacher-approved” applications for their kids.

According to reports, Google Kids Space Mode will be available worldwide for Lenovo tablets. They will start with Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2. After that, the feature will be introduced in other android tablets. This is a great initiative taken by Google as it will help kids to learn and explore in a way that will interest them.

Mindo Brooks which happens to be the UX Director of Kids & Families for Google said in a blog that Google Kids Space Mode was mainly designed keeping in mind the needs of children. This is meant to give them a better experience and enable them to learn and explore the things that they are interested in.

According to Google, Kids Space will have quality and kid-friendly content for the kids. They will be able to access the things of their interest. They also mentioned that the Kids Space is going to have numerous games and apps that are approved by parents and teachers. These apps are also approved by advisers from Harvard University. It will also allow kids to customise their characters. This will introduce them to an engaging and new way of learning, exploring, and playing.

Google has also announced that they are working with the top and best publishers so that they can provide all popular children’s books for free. They said that they already have a stock of 400 books and more in the US. All these books can be accessed for free on Google Kids Space. Not just that, but kids can also use YouTube kids to check out various videos. This will encourage them for off-screen projects and activities. As a result, it will help them become more creative and innovative. The videos and books will be available based on the region. 

According to Brooks, in the modern world, parents are always struggling to introduce the role of technology in their kid’s life, especially in difficult times like now. She also said that Google realized that parents were looking for something more than just parental controls. They wanted enriching and interesting content for their kids so that they could learn easily. 

This feature will allow parents to download additional games, books, and apps from Playstore and even customise them as per their requirements. Just so you know, to use Google Kids Space Mode, kids need to have their Google Accounts. This new feature can change the way kids learn and explore new things.


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