What is Mkvking? Best Alternatives to This Movie Streaming Site 


Movies are the best source of entertainment undoubtedly. In recent years, the cinema industry has gone through a tremendous change. Theatres have become old-fashioned and OTT platforms and online movie streaming sites are largely preferred by the audience to watch new films. Day by day, the number of movie streaming sites is also increasing a considerable amount. These streaming sites are divided into two groups. Let us look at what are they.

What is Mkvking?


Among the above-mentioned two sites, some sites require you to pay and subscribe to stream content; some sites offer you free movies and web series. Most of these sites contain pirated versions of newly released movies. Mkvking is one such piracy website that has thousands of Hollywood films and series. It comes with a great collection of movies, series, and TV programs for free. 

While most movie downloading sites are not country-specific, this one is. It offers movies of various countries including India, Australia, United States, China, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, Africa, Italy, and France. Amazing isn’t it? Apart from movies and web series, the website also has a category called Adult (18+) content. This is not what you think. You will find A-certified Hollywood movies in this section. Let us look more into the site’s features.

Features of Mkvking website

Mkvking is one of the modern movies downloading websites on the internet. It comes with unlimited diverse content and easy navigation. 

  • Modern layout

Unlike some sites that come with simple and boring layouts, this site has an interesting and modern layout that will surely impress the users. It has an easily accessible user interface that displays all the categories of content. The layout is completely black and looks classy.

  • Diverse content

Mkvking comes with a diverse collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and series. You can find movies of almost all genres on this site. Some of them include Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, thriller, science-fiction, Family, Crime, Animation, Action, Documentary, Biography, etc. 

  • Free access

The website offers free access to all the amazing collections of Hollywood movies it has. You can access hundreds of popular Hollywood movies for free. 

  • Various file sizes

 You don’t have to worry if your storage space is less or if your internet speed is moderate when you download movies from the Mkvking website. It offers every film in at least two file sizes. You can download the lesser file size version if your internet speed is less. 

  • Organized 

In most of the movie downloading sites, movies will be available in a messy mixed manner. You have to spend minutes to search a particular movie. In Mkvking, you can find your desired film easily as it is well organized. You can find the movies arranged genre-wise and year-wise, from which you can effortlessly search and download your favorite film. 

  • Minimum popup ads 

The website has ads like every other movie streaming site. But, it does not have too many ads to disrupt your browsing flow. Just one ad will appear when you click on a particular film to download. You can close the ad easily using the close button, and the ad will disappear.  

  • Country-wise segregation

Like we already mentioned, Mkvking is unique as it offers films in country-wise segregation. You can find movies of different countries including India, Australia, the United States, China, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, Africa, Italy, and France. 

Above are some of the best features of the Mkvking site. These features are the reason for the website’s popularity among the masses.  

Categories in Mkvking site

Mkvking site is best known for its well-organized categories. The arrangement of categories saves time for users and also makes the movie searching process interesting. Below are the categories of content available on the Mkvking site.

  • Action

You can find the best action movies in this category. This includes the newly released action movies as well.

  • Animation

This section will surely be exciting for kids and animation films lovers. You have a great collection of animation films in this category.

  • Crime

In the mood for some crime content? This section has all the best crime films released in the last many years.

  • Family

This category has feel-good movies and family drama movies to entertain you on weekends.

  • Science-Fiction

This category will satisfy all science-fiction lovers!

  • Adult (18+)

This section contains films that are A-certified. It has a combination of all the other categories.

  • Biography

If you are in the mood for some serious biography films, this category is the rescue.

  • Documentary

Apart from films, you can also find documentaries in Mkvking.

  • Fantasy

This category has quite several Fantasy films to keep you on the hook. 

  • Thriller

If Thriller films are your choice, click this category to watch quality Thriller films.

  • Adventure

This section has the best adventure films to entertain you maximum.

  • Comedy

Who doesn’t love comedy? Keep scrolling this section to find the best comedy films.

  • Drama

You can find both crime and family drama films in this category.

  • Horror

Not everyone loves Horror. But, if you do, check this category for some interesting Horror content.

  • Countrie

 Apart from all the above-mentioned categories, Mkvking has a category named ‘Countries’, in which you can find movies arranged country-wise. Eg: If you click the United Kingdom, you will find the UK-produced movies. 

How to download movies from Mkvking?

If you are not sure how to download a movie from the Mkvking site, don’t worry. Downloading a movie from Mkvking isn’t a tough task. The website has a pretty simple user interface. So, it requires just minimum technical knowledge and a few minutes to download a film. Below are the steps to download your favorite movie from the Mkvking site.

  • Open your favorite browser and type ‘Mkvking’.
  • You will see several results as the site keeps changing its domain often. Select the latest domain of the site.
  • Once you select it, you will see the homepage of the site.
  • On the homepage, you will see the years available at top of the page. You can click on a specific year to see movies released in that year.
  • If you scroll down, you will see a huge list of movies available. You can select the movie you want by just clicking on it.
  • Once you do, you will be redirected to the downloading option. 
  • Below the film’s photo, you will see two or three downloading links.
  • Click on the downloading link that you want. You can opt for a bigger file size or lower file size according to your need.
  • You can click on the download link to download your favorite film.

By following the above steps, you can easily download your favorite film from Mkvking. The website doesn’t allow so many popup ads, so it will be easier for you to access and download content from the site. 

Best alternatives to Mkvking

If you are looking for more entertainment on your weekends, we are here to help you with some of the best alternatives to the Mkvking site. Here you go!

  1. Bolly4u
  2. 9xMovies
  3. 123movies
  4. 7starhd
  5. Moviespur
  6. Mallufreak.in
  7. Pagalworld
  8. Tamilyogi
  9. Bollyshare
  10. Tamilrockers

Above mentioned sites are some of the best alternatives to the Mkvking site. These sites offer a wide variety of content just like the Mkvking site and are free to access. They are also very popular among people. 


1. Is Mkvking available for mobile?

Yes. Mkvking site is available for mobile users. It is also available as an application for mobile phone users.

2. Is it safe to use the Mkvking site?

Mkvking is an illegal piracy site. But, it will not technically harm your phone. Therefore, it is safe to use.

3. Which site is the best alternative to Mkvking?

Tamilrockers is the best alternative to the Mkvking site. It has numerous newly released Hollywood films.

4. What is the best feature of the Mkvking site?

You can find movies arranged year-wise, genre-wise, and country-wise on the Mkvking site. This will make it easier for users to search for a particular film.

5. Is VPN required to access the Mkvking site?

While some countries require VPN for mkvking sites, some don’t. If you cannot access the Mkvking site in your location, try using a good VPN app.


The article is written only as an informational piece and we do not intend to support piracy or websites that have pirated versions of new movies. Piracy is illegal and sites that have pirated content are running against the government’s guidelines. We strongly suggest you stream and download movies from legal sites that run under the government’s guidelines. Sites that support piracy do not just engage in copyright violation but also crush the creativity and business of the cinema industry. The Cinema industry is facing a huge loss because of these piracy sites every year. Therefore, it is both legal and ethical to prefer watching movies from legal sites like OTT platforms. 


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