Bollyshare is Your Ultimate Zone for Entertainment Service & Alternatives

Bollyshare is Your Ultimate Zone for Entertainment Service & Alternatives

It is a well-known fact that Indian people are movie enthusiasts. Similar to Hollywood in the United States, there is a film industry in India too, which releases an uncountable number of movies every year. However, these movies which attract people towards Bollywood aren’t just limited to their country of origin but they can be accessed across the whole world. People love movies with energetic songs and interesting plots. Although, visiting movie theaters every time you want to watch movies cannot be possible. This is people find their way to torrenting. Torrenting has become a very popular practice among movie enthusiasts. Sometimes it also happens that the movie site you have found doesn’t have all the categories of movies that you want to watch. But, the Bollyshare website is a great one with all the desired categories that you are looking for. 

What is Bollyshare? 


If you are looking for the best site from where you can download movies or stream them, you just cannot miss out Bollyshare. This provides a varied range of content that you can watch according to your mood. Be it Hindi movies or regional movies such as Tamil and Malayalam movies, one can find everything on this website. You must know that a lot of Hollywood movies can also be found on this website. 

Be it quantity or quality, Bollyshare doesn’t ask its users to make any kind of compromises regarding the movies they want to watch. Users can download their desired movies free without having to pay any additional charges. The website is designed in such a way that it is very simple to operate and very convenient to use. Also, all the movies on this website can be watched in HD quality. This website is undoubtedly a very famous midway for downloading different categories of movies. You must know that this site features shows and videos from Amazon prime which can be downloaded without a subscription. Everything goes good until you know that that content offered on this site nothing but pirated. This website has been functioning singe a long time now and is very reliable which is the reason behind its large fan base. 

Features of Bollyshare

What makes any website popular amongst the public is the features it offers. Features of any website play a key role in uplifting its reputation. In the same way, Bollyshare also has a lot of features that make it stand apart from the crowd of other movie sites. These features are the definite reasons why this website has so many users, so take a look at the features below: 

  • This website allows you to download the movies for watching them offline. 
  • It has an uncomplicated user interface that can be used by every user. 
  • This application is supported by different kinds of devices including desktops and smartphones. Particularly, every Android device can run this application very smoothly. 
  • Too high CPU power is not needed to download the movies since the size of the files on this website is small when in comparison to the files on other websites. Hence, you can use it easily on your mobile phone without having to worry about the battery of your phone. 
  • It offers a high speed for downloading the files. 
  • There are no bugs on this website that prevent crashes while you are watching a movie. 

Categories on Bollyshare

As because a large number of movies are available on this website, at times it becomes tough for the people to choose their desired movies. To simplify things, this website offers an organized movie showcase that is entitled to different categories. In case you are interested in watching a specific kind of movie you can choose it from the categories and start binge-watching them. The major categories offered on this website are: 

  • Bollywood 
  • South Dubbed movies 
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies 
  • TV shows 
  • Punjabi movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Hindi dubbed movies 

Steps to use Bollyshare: 

If you want to use the Bollyshare website, it is quite simple to use and needs just a few steps. The steps have been simplified intentionally easy so that it can suit the requirements and needs of common users. 

  • Enter the name of the site in your browser 
  • Then, you will find the latest edition of the website and you will have to click on the link which will direct you to the main website. 
  • You will then need to search for the movie you want to watch and click on the download option. 
  • The last step is to download the movies you want and if you are unable to download the movies from that URL you can look for proxy links. 

11 Best Legal alternatives of Bollyshare in 2023

Since Bollyshare is an unauthorized website, browsing it is not very secure. An individual who streams such illegal websites as Bollyshare can be punished by several anti-piracy laws. If the individual using the website gets caught, he/she is going to be jailed for 3 years. Apart from that, the culprit also will have to pay an amount of money to the authority. These movies sites with pirated content has caused a lot of loss to the film industry. They have largely influenced the gross earnings of the box office. Henceforth, browsing such unauthorized website sites is very unreliable and insecure. Here are the 10 best legal alternatives of Bollyshare that you can use instead of the former one: 

1. Vimeo


Released back in the year 2004, nearly a year before YouTube was launched. Like YouTube, this is also a video-sharing platform. The users on this site can upload original videos besides different content types. It is such a platform on which the self-created content curators can promote themselves. The content is created by different types of users who take part in various activities such as comedy, filmmaking, music, etc. who are assured to get complete exposure on this site.

2. Film Chest 

This website targets mostly classical movies. It has a very user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by every user. Over 2000 movies from different categories can be found on the movie site. The films released from 1930 to 1940 which are too rare to be found on any other movie site can be there on Film Chest. The selection of movies on this website is distinctive which consists of international as well as national movies which is an important reason behind the higher traffic these days. The standard of audio and video content is worth all the appreciation. It also provides numerous links to be used for downloading the audio and video content and the content can also be streamed. 

3. Share TV 

This site does not deal with the hosting website. It can also be considered as an online platform for the viewers who can get access to all popular TV shows which they prefer watching. Several pages that feature more than thousands of films, TV shows, award shows, sports tournaments, musical programs are featured on this website. This site provides the viewers with an appropriate explanation of all the videos, episode index, and character description. Share TV has collaboration with a lot of different websites which let it feature long TV shows of various kinds. 

4. TV Player

TV Player

TV Player is a platform that originated in the UK for allowing users to stream online content. It comprises of a friendly user interface and simple design. If you are a free user, you can have the access to all the channels. The most notable thing is that the viewers don’t come across many advertisements. The free channels comprise a lower number of videos. It even provides a membership that is premium for all the users which can allow the contents to be accessed across more than 80 channels except having the potential of downloading and streaming various popular TV shows along with preferred video content and the viewers can make use of the live recording option. 

5. IMDb TV


IMDB is another reliable alternative to Bollyshare. You can discover a good collection of TV series and movies on this site. A notable number of the contents featured on this website support ads which are not too many. You can close the ads whenever they pop up for continuing your movie-watching. The users can find many categories on this website, alike the other websites

6. Look Movie

Look Movie

A good alternative to the Bollyshare site is none other than Lookmovie. The primary reason this is a great substitute movie site is because of its user interface. Another reason this is a popular go-to site for movie buffs is that it’s completely free. In addition to this one can watch movies without any interruption from pop-up ads. The site is quite globally renowned and is widely used in the U.K., Canada, and India.

7. TodayPK


One of the best substitutes for Bollyshare is TodayPK. The collection of movies these sites has is extremely vast and varied. Even the latest and newest releases have a section for themselves here. Another major advantage this site holds is that it also has a huge collection of TV series and shows. So you can always catch up in case you missed out on a particular episode of a TV show.

8. Uwatchfree


UWatchFree is another widely used substitute for Bollyshare. The sole reason as to why this is such a good alternative to Bollyshare is that it holds a wide array of TV shows and movies with great picture quality. You will also find a host of Hollywood TV shows and films dubbed in vernacular Hindi. 

9. Crackle


In the market of movie streaming services, Crackle is one of the most popular applications used by viewers. The website interface is extremely user-oriented and has a simple design. This makes it extremely easy for users to navigate through the site. It has a huge collection of films and TV shows ranging from various types of genres such as comedy, history, horror, sports, etc. 

10. CW Seed

CW Seed

One of the most popular sites to watch movies and TV shows online is CW Seed. It is popular for holding a wide array of TV series and shows. Even shows that are not hosted anymore are available here. The major plus point is all this is available without any charge or registration. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you would require a stable and decent internet connection to stream the content on this website

11. Filmywap


Are you in search of a site that would provide you with the latest Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bollywood, Telegu, and English dubbed movies for free streaming and downloading? Filmywap is the perfect platform for you. Considered to be an ideal movie providing platform, this site is sure to provide you with a satisfactory movie providing experience with its varied contents. The site has emerged to be immensely popular among other similar sites because of the large number of old and new films it makes available to people in HD quality. Despite being an illegal site, people all across the country are using this site because the provides services free of cost. 

12. LookMovies


A single click will play your favourite movie. LookMovies can be accessed from any part of the world. You can either download the content or watch them live stream. Click on the thumbnail to know about the ratings, language, genre, and date of release. The superb filtering tools make navigation easier. You can choose based on multiple filters. Watch your favourite movies and TV shows without paying any fees. Zmovies will never redirect you to the other site, but it will show you the videos from their platform. This site also displays the reviews below every content.


This post is completely intended to inform you about the pros and cons of browsing illegal torrent sites such as Bollyshare. It doesn’t intend at promoting piracy or supporting the piracy concept. The only advantage of using these sites is that you can watch the movies for free. But, the consequences can be threatening. Hence, considering the government’s decision, it is better to avoid these websites and use legal alternatives as an option.


Should you use Bollyshare? 

Bollyshare is an unauthorized torrenting website that features the pirated content which doesn’t have any kind of copyright issues because of which accessing this not safe at all. It doesn’t abide by the anti-piracy law of the Indian constitution. Using this website can possess a risk to the data stored in your device. 

How safe are these alternatives? 

These alternatives are completely safe and reliable and can be used without any risk. 

Are these alternatives free to use? 

Some of the alternatives are free to use whereas others are not. However, some offer a lot of premium features if you buy the subscription. 

Can you download movies from these websites? 

Yes, the users can download the movies apart from streaming them. There are several links on the website that you can use for downloading the movie. 

Why should we prefer these alternatives over Bollyshare? 

Using the legal alternatives is recommended to use over Bollyshare because they don’t put your data at risk.