Top 15 Alternatives To 9xmovies in 2023


Want some legal way to enjoy movies without having to go to the movie halls? Well, some might say that you cannot have it all in life. But in this case, you can. You can sit at your home, in the comfort of your couch, and watch your favorite movies on the device of your choice. Yes, torrent sites are exactly what we are hinting at. There is this especially popular one called 9xmovies. They are quite popular amongst consistent movie buffs and also have a good stock of songs. However, this site uses the creations of others. But fret not as other sites are legal and yet provide you with similar services. Excited to know what other options you have? Then scroll along!

What is 9xmovies?


For those who are fairly in tune with what is new in the movie-watching world, they will know that 9xmovies are one of the top torrent sites to watch your favorite films on. For those who are not much acquainted with it, here is a brief introduction to what the site has in store for you. One thing that is clear by now is that it is a public torrent site. But amongst all the torrent sites available, 9xmovies never fails to hold its grasp on its position in the market. It has all the latest films on its site and hence often serves as a one-stop destination for movie lovers. 

One thing you must know is to use a VPN. Since the site is declared illegal in various places, you might have to create a virtual location of yourself on the web if you are a resident of such a place where the site is banned. If and when you get well acquainted with the entire procedure, you would be just a few clicks away from an amazing collection of Hindi and English movies. Along with its focus on Bollywood and Hollywood, 9xmovies serves its users with a good load of South Indian movies and a wide variety of songs as well. But one major drawback of all of it is the fact that they do not pay due remuneration or tribute to the original creators and hence hits the conscience of many quite hard. It is because of this reason why such sites have now been declared illegal in many places across the world. 

Features of 9xmovies:

You may be wondering that if the site has indeed been declared illegal and punishments are to serve who do not abide by the law, then what is it that drives so many people to keep using torrent sites such as 9xmovies. One thing that all of them have in common is that they provide you with free content.  But 9xmovies have certain features that level it up a bit than the rest. Here are some of the features that make 9xmovies a site worth breaking the rules for. 

  • Amazing content has always been and will always be good enough bait to lure many. 9xmovies has movies great qualities.  Any and every movie, be it one of the latest or one of the oldest, if it is a good movie, then you can be sure to find it on the list of 9xmovies. 
  • The site keeps its genres varied and vibrant. No matter which kind of movies you like, there is something for everyone and anyone who comes knocking on the door of 9xmovies. Starting from superficial teen romance to thrillers to documentaries to comedies and much more, the movie pirating site in discussion always has the best to offer. 
  • 9xmovies also have a very user-friendly interface.  This means that it can be easily accessed by all kinds of people, even the ones who are not very habituated with technology. 
  • All the services provided by the site are free. This is an offer that very few would be able to resist. Such a vibrant collection of movies is available to you free of cost via this site. 
  • The site gives numerous options on the kind of video quality one would like to go with. Not all video qualities are supported by every device. Many devices fail to support HD quality videos. Thus option, hence, helps many. 
  • 9xmovies have a good sound system as well. The sound quality of the movies available on the site is quite clear and glitch-free with perfection pitch everywhere. 

What are the categories of movies found on 9xmovies?

The site has a wide range of movies available on it. No matter which kind you prefer, there is always something you can choose from the varied list that the site has. Here are some enlisted. 

  • Hindi movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • English movies

There is also a chance that some of the South Indian movies that are famous enough could be available in Hindi dubbing as well. Also, under the categories already mentioned, there are numerous genres available. 

What are the steps to stream movies online on 9xmovies?

Streaming movies online is quite an easy job if you use just a bit of observation. Especially for a site as well built as 9xmovies’ it is yet easier. Here are some simple steps that will let you stream your favorite movies online on the site. 

  • Type the URL of the site or the just the name of the site on the search bar of the browser you are using. 
  • Make sure you click on the current and working domain, as these sites, being illegal, need to keep changing their domain addresses to be functional.
  • Once you click on the site’s domain address, you will find yourself in 9xmovies.
  • You will find yourself launched on the home screen of the torrent site.
  • There will be various options for movies that you could try. You can also search for the movie you are looking for by name or by its genre on the site. 
  • Once you find the movie, click on it and it will ask you if you want to stream the movie online or download it instead. 
  • Go with the streaming now option and enjoy your movie. 

15 Alternatives to 9xmovies in 2023

Here is what you have been waiting for. What follows is a list of sites resembling and similar to 9xmovies as much as possible that will give you all the services the former site would and at the same be legal as well. So scroll along and see which one would you go for.

1. Voot:


One of the very popular movies watching sites, Voot is an option you can count on to serve as an alternative to 9xmovies. You can get all kinds of Hindi movies that would add up to the spice of your life as well as some good old Indian television drama as well. 

2. PopCornFlix:


Popcorn and movies go hand in hand, there is thus no way that you could go wrong with this option of alternative. This site has a wide range of movies that varied in genres as well as language. The variation in the language of its content also helps it to appeal to different kinds of audiences, thus increasing its demand. 

3. ZMovies:


ZMovies has always had your back. Be it some traditional Indian TV serial or the latest movie in the market, the site will have it all. Its main focus is on Bollywood movies but ZMovies does have many more kinds of content to offer as well. 

4. Bollyflix:


This again is a site that focuses on Bollywood or Hindi movies predominantly. This does compromise with its reach a bit, but it more than makes up for it with the other features of the site. The site has a very simple-to-use interface and this helps people to access whatever content there is with maximum ease. There is no point in having a lot of stock and at the same time having a complex enough system thereby making it difficult to access.

5. Crackle:


This is without a doubt one of the best alternatives that you could try. It has a wide range of content to offer not only in terms of genre or language but also in other kinds. Crackle does not only have movies, but also has a vivid collection of TV shows and online series that you could have a good time watching.

6. YouTube:


This platform does not need much of an introduction and is surely one of the best alternatives to 9xmovies. It has everything that entertainment stands for, starting from songs, online series, stand-up videos, and of course movies. The service it provides is unquestionably a top-notch one as well. 

7. Fmovies:


Not that popularly known amongst everyone, but this site does have some amazing content to offer. With a plethora of genres and that too in various languages, this site has its perks of using it. Also, if you are not very accustomed to technology, you can still browse the site with ease due to its very much user-friendly interface. 

8. Nitro

As great as its name sounds, the site is equally amazing. It has an exciting stock of Bollywood and Hollywood movies and delivers them with amazing video quality, and sound quality. It is free as well just like 9xmovies. 

9. SonyLive


This is not exactly in line with the other alternatives as this site only has content that is available on the Sony channels. But the good thing about it is that it has all the shows and movies that are premiered on the Sony channels. So if you ever miss out on any daily dose of an ongoing serial or want to watch a movie that is on only one of the Sony channels then there is nothing better than SonyLiv. 

10. Ice movies

This may not be that much of a popularly known site, but Ice movies surely have much to offer. The fact that is it not so mainstream will only help you access its contents without much traffic within. On this site, you can watch all the movies that you could have ever wanted to no matter which genre it belongs to. It has both Hindi and English movies. The built of the site is also quite simple and easy to handle.

11. Filmywap


When you look at the name of the website you will understand that it provides all the films. Yes, you are right if you think so. This platform provides every genre of movies. You can get both Hollywood and Bollywood movies with a single website. This is a one-stop destination for all your requirements. The website offers content with HD quality. Interestingly, despite provides so much, the website charge you zero. It is completely free to utilize the website. You can easily watch the movies or download the content to watch later. So, start using the website to enjoy your free time. 

12. Tamilyogi


Tamilyogi is a website that provides Tamil content. However, this does not mean that you will not find Bollywood content on this website. The website offers other Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati content as well. But, the prime reason why the website is named a Tamilyogi is the fact that all the Tamil content will be available on this website. You would be able to find every genre of the content of every language but when it comes to Tamil, it has an entirely different meaning. Not to beat around the bust, Tamilyogi is the best alternative to 9xmovies. All the content of 9x movies is available on the website. 

13. Khatrimaza


Khatrimaza is one of the most popular websites against the 9xmovies. It provides the best quality content without any charges. The users will not be required to pay any subscription amount of registration fees to enjoy the benefits of the Khatrimaza website. They would find all the categories of content. In addition, all the content of the website is categorically divided into different sections based on the genre and year of release. There are other categorizations as well. These divisions help in easy accessibility of the movies, web series other content. So, why wait anymore? Start operating the website to get all the exciting content free of cost. 

14. Trendraja


Trendraja is a popular Telugu entertainment website that is known to have a huge collection of Tamil and Telugu movies and TV shows. The main focus of the website is to keep a huge collection of regional content. If you are looking for regional content then there is no better website available in the market which is better than Trendraja. Trendraja has been in the market for some time and has been able to make a name for itself because of the great service and simple user interface it offers. If you are looking for regional movies with dual audio Trendraja is the website you should look for.

15. Jalshamovies


Jalshamovies is a free movie downloading website that helps users to download and watch all their favorite movies and TV shows. The main focus of the website is on Bengali movies and all the movies come with dual audio and subtitles. Users will be able to download all the old Bengali movies from this website at a good speed. The website also has a huge library of Bengali documentaries which are very rare to find. All the torrent files are available on this website and users can simply use the magnet link to download the movies. This website is not loved by people who are into Bollywood movies as the collection is quite low.


It should be noted that the site, 9xmovies, is now declared illegal by the Indian Government due to their piracy and plagiarism-promoting business ideals. We are in full consent of this decision. It must be mentioned in this regard that we, in no way, support or encourage such acts of plagiarism or dealing with pirated content. The information provided above is for the sole purpose of making people aware of the site and what alternatives they can avail after the site has been declared illegal. 


Why is 9xmovies declared illegal?

9xmovies has been recently declared illegal by the Indian government due to its piracy-provoking policies of the business. It uses the contents of others without their due permission or paying them their due remuneration.  

Is 9xmovies free?

Yes, the content available on 9xmovies is free. It would not require any subscription fee from you. 

Is 9xmovies safe?

No, the site is not safe. It may introduce malware in your device or even use the information you provide in ways you may not like. It is not a secured site as it is illegal and banned. 

Are the alternatives mentioned safe?

Yes. We have tried to keep the alternatives as close in resemblance to 9xmovies as possible, but at the same time, they are safe enough to be used by anyone. 

Do the alternative require a subscription?

We have tried to keep the list of alternatives free of sites that would ask you for a subscription. However, some may ask for a subscription for a premium version to be available to you.