Bolly4u 2023: Top 14 Alternatives for Bollywood, Dual Audio & Hindi Movies


The thought of getting the first-class service at cheap rates is a dream of probably every individual. That is exactly what bolly4u promises you. You can be sure to get the best of the films of Bollywood and certain other industries as well. However, the other side of this coin is a major drawback to using the otherwise brilliant movie-watching site. Bolly4u is a torrent movie-watching site. For those who are unsure of the meaning of the statement, it means that the site streams pirated versions of movies and is in function illegally. A common question however that arises here is that if indeed the site is illegal, then how come it experienced more and more audiences over the years? To know more about it, as well as about some legal and alternatives that you could use in place of Bolly4u read on.

What is Bolly4u?



Bolly4u is a torrent movie downloading and watching site. Even though the site predominantly focuses on Bollywood movies, movies of various other languages can also be found on the site. Bolly4u has all kinds of movies that you could ask for. The few percentages of perfection that it lacks in the aspect of varieties of languages, it makes up in the varieties of genres of films that it has. One could show the audacity of stating that the site being an illegal one is the only major drawback Bolly4u has. 

Features of Bolly4u:

It is a well-known fact that if you are to make and keep a position in the entertainment sector, you need to give the public a reason to come back to you for your services. Bolly4u gives more than just one reason to keep going back to it to browse through its library of amazing movies. Here are some of such reasons for which the site even though illegal makes people want to take the risk of it.

  • Even though the site focuses mainly on Bollywood movies you can get quite a good variety of Hollywood movies on it too. 
  • Starting from action to romance bolly4u has the genre preference of almost every cinephile out there. 
  • The simple interface of the website helps everyone to access the content of the site with ease. 
  • The homepage of bolly4u is not very cluttered. It is quite well organized for the benefit of the user handling it.
  • The movies are also available in HD quality which will, by all means, enhance your movie-watching experience. 
  • Bolly4u also has Hindi dubbed versions of certain movies on its list.

Categories of movies found on Bolly4u:

The categories of movies found on the site are as valid as the kinds of genres that it has to offer. Here is a shortlist of the categories of movies you can expect to watch and choose from on Bolly4u.

  • Bollywood movies
  • Bollywood movies HD
  • Hollywood movies
  • Dubbed Hollywood movies

There are many other categories of movies that the site keeps a stock of even if not in abundance. It also has many web series that you could watch. 

Steps to access Bolly4u:

Nothing is too difficult if you know the proper steps. Especially in this case where we are about to take a look at how you can stream movies on bolly4u, it is going to be much less difficult due to the easy user interface of the site.

  • The very first thing that you need is a VPN on your device. This will help you create virtual footsteps over the Internet letting you fake your location from your own country to a place where the site is legal. 
  • After you download the software, select the IP address of the country you feel suitable where Bolly4u is legal. 
  • Visit the site of Bolly4u. In this regard, it is not worthy that the domain of the site keeps changing to keep the site functioning.
  • After you visit the site, you will see there is a search option where you can search for the movie you intend to watch. 
  • You can either search by the name of the movie directly, or search by first choosing the genre that the film belongs to. 
  • Select the movie you want to watch. you will then be provided with two options. One is to watch the movie online, where is the other will let you download the movie to watch at your convenience later.
  • Click on the option that says stream now and get on with watching it. 

14 Legal alternatives to Bolly4u in 2023

The illegality of the site is the only thing that is wrong with bolly4u. It otherwise has a plethora of movies for you to choose from and yet many more remarkable features that lets you browse through the movies quite easily too. We have brought a list of ten alternatives to bolly4u which has the plus point of its features as well as the permission of law to function. 

1. PopCornFlix:


The site has a library of movies that you can stream for free. One of the best things about PopCornFlix is that the site does not only have movies, but also provides you with a plethora of television series as well. You can easily access all of the content on the site. Not only does it have a variety of content it has quite a stock of genres under them as well. 

2. YouTube:


This platform does not require an introduction at all. Starting from web series to movies, both old and new, YouTube has all of it. It is especially helpful for excavating movies of old days, which are hard to get hold of, even on other sites. Another plus point of YouTube is the fact that it also contains short videos and music videos of your favourite artists. You can also go through tutorial videos on the platform as well and even upload your content after forming your channel. 

3. Crackle


Another one of the amazing alternatives to Bolly4u is Crackle. It has all the latest movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, and more on it. Crackle also keeps the welfare of its audience in its mind. The content on the site can be easily accessed. Even the people who are not very habituated with the rising technology can scroll through the contents of the site with ease. 

4. Sony Crunch

The site is a Sony-owned website. It contains exclusive shows that are telecasted on the channels owned by Sony. This includes all the latest movies and TV shows. The site also contains various movies. There is no movie buff out there who would be disappointed with the collection of the movies on the site. Moreover, the video qualities that the site provides are quite good and also will be suitable to be run on almost every device. 

5. SonyLiv


This again is a Sony-centric site. The best fact about it is that you can catch all the current episodes of the ongoing serials on the Sony channels on this site. The services of the site, however, do not limit to just that. You can also enjoy various films on the site, even though they are mainly focused on Hindi films or the subbed ones. The site is quite easy to handle and that makes it a preferred choice by its audience. 

6. ZMovies 


This is one of the well-known sites. There are chances that the site, hence, would have a lot of traffic. There the site has little to do to help its viewers. Where it can serve its viewers, though it leaves no stone unturned. The site has a very easy to use and understand the layout of its homepage and interface. You can search for your choice of movies by the genre, it falls in or by its name directly. Starting from amazing movie collections to the extreme ease of accessing them, the site is known for its smooth ways of serving its audience.

7. Vudu


This site is a bit different than the other websites we have been discussing. The major difference is the fact that Vudu is a rental site. You can rent movies from the site and then watch them at your convenience. However, it does give you the option of streaming movies online as well. But while streaming movies online be aware of the ads on the site. The ads may be disturbing at first, but nothing that cannot be dealt with. 

8. IMDb Freedive

IMDb Freedive

This is one of the comparatively newer sites. It does not compromise with its services even though it is now in its sector, but rather gives its other contemporaries quite a competition. It of course has an interesting and impressive library of movies to choose from. Its services are free for US-based people. Others can take the help of a proxy network if they wish to access the site. Most of the content that is available on IMDB Freedive is more often not found in other sites that are legal as well as free. You can get all the latest movies on the site as well. 

9. Snag films

Snag Films

If you are someone who is totally into classics, then this is the site that we would recommend to you. It’s a mixture of the easy interface, a plethora of movies, and a dark theme gives the perfect balance to the site and strikes a cord that attracts the audience. The con of the site is though that it doe snot have much of a stock of web series or TV series. If you are looking for such content then this is not the site that you should go browsing. 

10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

There is nothing like watching TV. If that is what you think then this is just the site for you. It has a list of channels from which you can choose. All of these channels have their contents streaming on them. But the fact it lets you stream the contents live is also a drawback. It may sometimes result in you missing certain stuff that you could have downloaded and watched later. This will make you lose out on certain favourite movies of yours. But apart from that if you do not have an excessive zest to have it all then this is a pretty great site to watch movies and series on.

11. SabWap


SabWap is one of the most popular movies streaming websites that offers an extensive list of features. The platform provides every category of content. It is one of the best alternatives against the Bolly4u website. SabWap platform is widely used to download the content of various genres. It is an independent platform proffering a lot of exciting benefits to the users. The platform also has a search engine which makes it easy to find the content. If you wish to watch the old Hindi movies then, you can very well get them through SabWap without paying a penny for the movies. 

12. BestHDmovies4U

BestHDmovies4U is an outstanding movie streaming website providing a great amount of fun. It is one of the best platforms as far as movie streaming websites are considered. The best part is that the website is completely free of cost. You can find every type of content over this website without paying any hefty amount which you might have to pay on other platforms. Interestingly, you will also not be required to create an account to watch movies. In addition, you would get the best quality. There is no compromise on the quality of the content and neither on the sound or music. 

13. India4movie

India4movie is an engaging platform. It is one do the best platform to download the latest and classic content. Whether you want to watch an old Hindi movie or an entirely new movie, you will find it all. Unlike the other movie streaming platforms, you will not be required to pay any amount to enjoy the features of the India4movie website. You can very well watch the movies or download them to watch later. Start using the website to get all the exciting hits of the late 80s. Any movie that is released will be available on this website. So, be it any movie, you will find it all here.  

14. Vumoo


Vumoo is a website that is known for providing links to all the popular TV shows and movies to users. The website can stay in business for such a long period because they are known for not using any pirated content themselves. The website generally provides links to TV shows and movies that have already been hosted by someone else. Vumoo is not completely legal because it violates a few of the copyright rules but it is completely safe to use. Users will not have to worry about any kind of data loss when they are downloading any link from this website.


We do not in any way promote online piracy or support any group which does the same. The Indian Government has now declared the site illegal. Anyone who is found practicing online piracy and one who is found encouraging the act can now be punished by the law. The activity of plagiarism has always been considered an offense punishable. The information of bolly4u provided here is for the only purpose of making the public aware of the site bolly4u and its illegality while at the same time providing some legal alternatives for the same. 


Is bolly4u illegal? 

Yes by some recent declarations of the Indian government bolly4u has been rendered illegal in the country. The reason behind it being declared illegal is that it consists of pirated versions of movies. 

Can we still use bolly4u in India?

Even though the site is illegal, it can be accessed by using a VPN. However, it is advised that one does not follow the path as if and when caught the person can be punished by the law. 

Are the alternatives provided legal? 

The alternatives that are provided in the list above are legal to the best of our knowledge. We have also tried to keep it as close to bolly4u as possible in terms of their features. 

Are the alternatives to bolly4u secure?

The alternatives provided here are quite safe and secure. This however is not something that we can say about bolly4u.

What are the kinds of movies that are available on alternative sites? 

The sites that are provided as alternatives to bolly4u, contains categories of movies as varied as the site does. They are quite easy to access as well. 


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