Stop Waiting for your Entertainment Dose and Stream to 7starhd in 2023


Movies have been the up-and-coming form of entertainment for quite a few centuries now. If you trace the history of cinema you will find that we have evolved quite a lot. We have come a long way from the quality of the movies to the ease of watching them as well. Earlier watching a movie would be a vigorous process of getting ready and visiting a cinema hall. This would seem absurd now as we have the privilege of watching our favorite shows and movies in the convenience of our homes. 

Some of such services are free as well. These free services are what we call torrent movie watching sites. One such site is 7starhd. It sure provides us with a top-notch service but it is illegal as the contents of its streams are pirated. But do not fret as we have some amazing alternatives to the site lined up for you just a few scrolls away!

What is 7starhd?


The phrase, it has it all, is a perfect way to describe the site. Starting from Korean dramas to Bollywood romances and Hollywood sci-fi, the 7starhd can provide every individual with something of their choice. It is like the history of cinema held compactly in just a link with movies of all origins is it old or new, Japanese or Hindi, available on it. 

The quality and ease of using the site are better than most of the torrent sites as most of the sites lack the resources legal sites have. However, the major drawback of 7starhd is that it is an unlawful site. It lacks certain security and if and when caught people using the site can be punished in the name of the law. But then again, we have the alternatives to back us up here!

Features of 7starhd

There is no reason why one would not come back to 7starhd for more other than the fact that it is illegal. The features of the site keep luring the users to keep using 7starhd. So what are these features? Let’s take a look.

  1. 7starhd has a wide array of movies that are varied in languages and genres. If you are a cinephile then this is a treasure you would surely want to stumble upon as it contains a film for every mood and every individual.
  2. Even if the list of movies that the site has does not contain one that you desire to watch, you can request the site to put the movie up on the list.
  3. The interface of the site is quite user-friendly. Anyone can quite simply access the site and its content no matter how not habituated they are with the world of the internet. 
  4. The page also allows you to subscribe to it. You can thereafter access many more movies and shows on the site. It is but a choice that you can make.
  5. You can access the site free of cost. 7starhd allows you to watch several movies and television shows at the cost of zero pennies. 

Categories of movies on 7starhd

There are various kinds of movies that are available on the site. Below given are some of the categories of movies that you can be sure to find here. It must be noted however that these are just the categories of movies. There are video genres that are available in the following categories. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Latest HD Bollywood movies
  2. Hindi dubbed movies
  3. Hollywood movies
  4. Japanese movies and shows
  5. Chinese movies
  6. Korean drama

Steps to watch a movie on 7starhd

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the best characteristics of the site in context is the fact that it can be accessed quite easily along with the content inside it. Here are some simple steps that will help you to watch your favorite movies on the said site quite easily. So read on.

  1. The site is declared illegal in our country and hence cannot be accessed directly. What you need is VPN software installed on your device. It will help you too create virtual footprints on the Internet so that you can create a fake location of yourself. 
  2. After you have installed the software, it is now time for you to choose an IP address of a country where 7starhd is legally in use. You can search the web to get a list of such places.
  3. The following step is a bit tricky as it requires you to reach out to the site. This is tricky because the domain address of the site continuously changes so that it can keep on functioning. 
  4. After you are inside the site, then there is no stopping you. You can either search for the movie by typing its name on the search bar or choose a specific category or genre according to your desire which will make your search results more compact. 
  5. Select the movie that you want to watch. 
  6. You will then be provided with two options, asking you whether you want to stream the movie online or want to download it to watch it later.
  7. Click on the option suggesting to stream the movie online and your part of the job is done. All you need to do now is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie!

13 Legal alternatives To 7starhd in 2023

We understand that the characteristics of the site in context are somewhat key to us going back to 7starhd for more. But what if we could get the same levels of service, but from legal sources? That would be amazing right! If that is what you are thinking then here is a list of movie sites that could interest you. 

1. Kanopy


If quality is always your number one preference then this is a site that you could visit. The canopy consists of a collection of well-researched movies decided upon after discussion with several libraries and universities. It has hence a wide range of movies starting from documentaries to dramas. The movies the site has in its library are diverse in their genres, languages and are also available in various video qualities.

2. Vudu


This is more like a movie renting site rather than ones that let you download movies for free. However, there is an option for streaming movies online for free. Vudu also has an amazing collection of films as well as television shows from across the time as well as the globe. One downside of using this site however is that you may sometimes miss out on one show while you’re enjoying the other. That however is a risk worth taking.

3. Yahoo movies

Yahoo movies

One of the many very popular sites, Yahoo movies have a superfluity of movies to serve its users. But the problem is that even though the site provides free service, most of the movies and shows on the site are available for free to its audience based in the US. You can still access the site and its free services by using a VPN. 

4. PopCornFlix


One of the popular legal and free movie-watching sites, Popcornflix has everything that a cinephile could ask for. This site never ceases to surprise you. Just as you could be marveling at the collection of the movies that it has, you would notice that the quality of the videos is equally amazing as well. The only problem that one may face is the traffic on the site. But it is a hazard that is worth the content of the site. 

5. Plex


This site is quite singular in its functioning. It lets you access the library of films that you may create on it from any corner of the world. It has now also published a version of itself that allows the user to browse through desirable content, even though they do not have a distinct library already made on the site. It’s a well-maintained interface and unhindered functioning is something that attracts its users. 

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This offers something more than 7starhd ever could. It consists of a collection of several hundreds of channels. Each of these channels is again specialized in various kinds of content such as sports, movies, and so on. It is somewhat like how a traditional television would work.

7. VRV


If you are someone who likes to watch anime then this is a site that you should probably visit once. This may not be a very equivalent alternative to 7starHD but in no way is lesser than it either. Even though it has certain other kinds of content as well, the platform is known mainly for its collection of animes. 

8. Youtube


On YouTube, there is no stopping. You can browse the platform all day long and yet find something new to watch at the end of the day. It has song videos, movies, short films, and many many more kinds of content you could enjoy. YouTube also lets you upload your videos as well. 

9. Yidio


Unlike some of the other legal movie-watching sites, Yidio does not produce its movies. It consists of content from other sites. This is a reason why its library of movies is massive. Starting from thriller to romance is one can find any and every movie that was ever there about any +period and place. 

10. Crackle


Starting from old classics to recent hits, Crackle can provide its users with the content they would like to watch. The site has a very user-friendly interface and a well-maintained homepage as well. All of this lets your experience on the site quite a good one. Not only does Crackle have a splendid library of movies, but it also has a diverse collection of television shows and web series that one could enjoy. 

11. Solarmovie


SolarMovie is an appealing platform that provides a great amount of fun. It is an excellent platform for users. If you are a movie freak and watch a movie just after their release then, this platform will provide you your level of fun. SolarMovie is among the best platforms that provide all the needed fun and entertainment. This website offers HD-quality movies with the best sound quality. Despite providing so many movies with the best quality, the website does not charge anything from the user. It is a completely free-to-utilize platform. So, start utilizing it to watch all the trending videos and the latest movies. 

12. World4free


World4free is among the top-rated platform. Interestingly, you would not be required to purchase a subscription to watch your favourite content. You can get all the variety of content at just one location. World4ufree is a free platform to watch every category of content as can be understood from the name itself. The platform provides the best quality of content without any compromise. The platform does not charge you anything. However, this does not mean, it compromises the quality of the content. The quality of the content is equally good. Start operating the website and enjoy your life by having fun. 

13. HdFriday


Download the movies now and enjoy them later. No need to go to the theatres and spend money, HdFriday will give you a golden opportunity to stay at home and watch the latest movies. This online platform gives two options to the users – Online streaming and downloading. HdFriday specially features Bollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, Movie Request, Dubbed in Hindi, South Indian Movies, Hollywood movies and so on. You can also choose from different categories and genres. Once you go to the website and find out your famous movie, just click on the file and watch them all.


7starhd is an illegal site and so is any other site which uses the creation of a person without their due permission. One thing that must be made clear here, though that we in no way support such practices of plagiarism or piracy. All information provided here is in the interest of the individuals reading them and educating themselves about the site and its legal alternatives. Plagiarism in itself is an act morally and lawfully wrong. If and when a person is caught in the middle of such an act, the government has every right to punish them in the name of the law.


Can 7starhd still be used?

Yes, you can most certainly still use the site to watch movies and shows. However, you will need to be cautious so as not to get caught and use of VPN to fake location. 

Is it possible to use 7starhd without VPN?

The VPN software lets you change your location on the web. If you are living in a country where the sad sight is declared illegal then you will have to take the help of the VPN software.

Are the alternatives free to use?

Most of the alternatives that are provided in the list are free to use to the best of our knowledge. However, some of the sites give you the option to subscribe to them, which will let you access a whole lot more movies and shows on the site. But it surely is not mandatory.

How much data do the alternatives take up?

We have tried to keep the names of the sites which do not consume much of your data on the list. You can also check it once before using the site if you want to be surer still about it.

Are the alternatives safe?

Yes, the alternatives that are provided are all legal and quite safe. However, you must not indulge in providing any of your personal information on any of the sites if and when asked.