Moviespur features and Categories of Movies Available: Legal Alternatives to Moviespur

Moviespur Features and Categories

The advent of technology has sure changed the experience of movie watching. Gone are the days when movie watching required a lot of manual effort and money. One has to travel and visit a theater to watch a newly released movie back then. Now, numerous movies are available for free online. You just need an internet connection and browser to browse through online movie sites to watch newly released films. The number of online movie streaming sites that offer movies and web series is increasing day by day. 

OTT platform is considered a good competitor to online movie streaming sites, but OTT platforms will ask you to pay some amount to subscribe and watch movies and TV shows. The online movie streaming sites, however, offer infinite numbers of movies and web series for free. Most of these sites contain pirated versions of newly released films and that is why they are considered illegal. According to government norms and regulations, watching movies and TV series on these sites are considered illegal. 

What is Moviespur? 


Moviespur is one of the illegal online movie streaming sites that offers pirated versions of recently launched movies. The movie site will also allow people to download movies for free. It is one of the popular sites used by movie lovers. 

Features of Moviespur online movie streaming site

Below are some of the highlighting features of the Moviespur site:

  1. Moviespur has movies ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, and many others. 
  2. You can also find TV shows and web series on the Moviespur website. 
  3. People can stream movies on this piracy website in various formats including HD, MP4, 3gp, DVDrip, etc. 
  4. The website earns a lot through pop-up ads just like other piracy sites. When you open a movie to stream or to download so many pop-up ads will open in various tabs. You should know that these pop-up ads are very unsafe and harmful to users. Your device may get affected by the virus or malware that is present in the pop-up ads. 
  5. As Moviespur is a piracy website, it changes its proxies very often. Some of the proxies of Moviespur are,,, Moviespur. viz,, etc. 

Categories of content available in Moviespur 

Most online movie streaming sites contain movies of various languages to meet people’s demands. As everyone has started to watch movies in various languages, the demand for other language movies has rapidly increased. Moviespur offers content in categories including:

  • Top Hollywood dubbed movies 
  • Hollywood series 
  • Cartoon dubbed movies  
  • Bollywood movies 
  • TV shows 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Telugu movies, etc

Steps to stream video content in Moviespur 

The biggest reason for the popularity of illegal movie streaming sites is its easy access and user interface ( UI ). Most of the Piracy websites come with an easy and instantly accessible User Interface. This makes it easy for people of any age to stream movies instantly. Most of these sites will not require you to register or login to create an account. You can instantly visit the website with the correct proxy and start streaming films. Some of the piracy websites will even allow you to download films in HD quality. Moviespur is one of them. You can download movies in HD quality on this site.

Now we will take you through the steps to stream movies and web series in Moviespur. 

  1. Choose the right proxy of Moviespur to get to the site. As this is an illegal website, it will change its proxy very often. It might be confusing for you to find the correct proxy. But once you find the correct proxy, you can easily enter the website. 
  2. After getting access to the website, you can start watching your favorite films and series. 
  3. Moviespur will offer titles like Bollywood films, Bollywood series, Hollywood dubbed movies, etc from the given titles. You can choose the section in which you want to stream films. 
  4. If the website is not available in your country, you can use VPN software or an app. VPN software will allow you to get access to websites that are blocked in your country or region. Once the VPN app is installed you can search Moviespur in it. 
  5. After opening the website you can watch the movies on it. You can also search through the search bar available in Moviespur to search for a specific film or series. 
  6. Once the movie starts to play you can select the resolution from it. You can watch in HD quality on the Moviespur website. And that’s it. You are all done. You can stream your favorite movies and series in Moviespur. 

Some of the best legal alternatives to stream movies and series 

We know that watching movies on piracy websites is considered illegal according to the government’s norms and rules. If you’re looking for some legal alternatives to stream movies and web series, we are here to help you. Below are some of the websites and apps that will let you stream some amazing movies and web series. Some of these are available for free while some will ask you to pay to subscribe to a video plan. You can do it according to your liking. 

1. YouTube 

YouTube is one of the famous video streaming sites in the world. It is used in so many countries by people of all ages and gender. It has video content ranging from movies, songs, documentaries, ads, short films, etc. Some exclusive movies on YouTube will require payment to stream. You can also view content on YouTube in various formats including 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc. It is suitable for kids and adults alike. 

2. Netflix

 Just like YouTube, Netflix is also one of the popular video streaming sites internationally. It can be accessed by people from all over the world. Netflix offers unique content to people in different countries. A movie available in one country may not be available in another country. It has movies in so many languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, French, Spanish, etc. Netflix will ask you to pay to subscribe to a video plan. It might offer you a free trial before you start paying to stream videos. Various original films and web series are available on Netflix, which will astonish you. It is highly recommended for you to try Netflix if you are a movie lover. 

3. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime video is undoubtedly on par with Netflix concerning movies and web series. Just like Netflix, it offers movies and web series in various languages. You can also find original Amazon-produced movies and web series in Amazon Prime Video. You should subscribe to a plan to watch movies and series on Amazon Prime Video. It is not available for free, but it is worth a shot for its amazing content. It is used by millions across the world. 

4. IMDb TV 

You might have come across IMDb as a movie rating platform. IMDb not just offers movie ratings, but also a movie and series streaming. You can find movies of various languages on IMDb TV. It also has numerous series in it. Get some time to search and fetch details about IMDb TV you will surely love it. 

5. Zee5 

Zee5 has movies and web series in about 12 languages. Though it mostly contains Bollywood films, you can also find other language films and Series in it. If you are a Bollywood fan, it is recommended for you to try Zee5. It has Bollywood films of various genres. You can also stream Hindi TV serials and TV shows on Zee5. Zee5 offers 90 + live television channels to the viewers. Even if you are going somewhere you do not have to miss your favorite TV show. You can just open the Zee5 app and watch it anywhere you go.

6. Top documentary films 

‘Top documentary films’ is for people who have a sheer love for documentary movies. A top documentary film is only available as a website. It is not available as an app. You can watch documentaries of genres like sports, science, technology, society, religion, etc. on top documentary films website. 

7. Classic Cinema Online 

You can instantly watch movies in Classic Cinema Online. You do not have to sign in or register. This website is for people who love classic movies that belong to the 1940s, 1960s, or 1970s time. Classic Cinema Online is a website where you can find some amazing classic Movies. 

8. Hulu

You can watch a variety of TV shows and movies on Hulu. Hulu will require you to log in and create an account to stream movies and series. It has some of the amazing Series in the world. Hulu also offers a free trial for people who subscribe to a video plan. There are thousands of shows and movies on Hulu at an affordable rate. It is a great website for people who love to binge-watch movies and series very often. 

9. Viewster

There are n numbers of movies and series available to the viewer. Viewster is a famous movie streaming site, which also offers you numerous documentaries. There are also original short films and Series in the viewer. If you are an anime lover, you can stream your favorite anime show to the viewer. 

10. MX player

MX player has an incredible collection of movies and series. The biggest highlight of MX Player is, it is completely free. If you are looking for a legal alternative to Moviespur which is also available for a free cost, then MX Player is the best choice. It has TV shows, movies, web series, and MX Originals in it. You can also listen to songs and classic music in MX Player. MX Player offers all this content in HD quality. It has content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, etc. It is available both for Android and iOS devices. You can also stream movies and films in MX Player through the browser. MX player has millions of users to its name. 

11. Voot

Voot is a platform used by millions of users worldwide to stream and download various content. It offers a wide range of tv shows, movies, and entertainment videos to watch. There are too many extra features that are offered on this website. You can pause the video anytime you want and again re-play it back later. It is a freemium website which means that the maximum of the content that is offered on this website is free to watch but for some of them you must have a subscription. By availing of a subscription, you can get access to a lot of premium content on this website. 

12. Jio Cinemas

If you are looking for legal alternatives to Moviespur, you must consider Jio Cinemas. It offers unlimited content with high-quality sound and visuals. It is excellent with the user interface as well. The design, layout, and everything on this website are amazing. It can be used only by those who own a Jio Sim card. This platform features not just movies but there are several TV shows, documentaries, news, etc. If you are a movie buff and you love binge-watching then this platform is just the right one for you. Go ahead and start browsing through this website to watch endless content. 

13. Moviespur

Vi movies & TV is another legal alternative to Moviespur. You can find numerous documentaries, TV shows, and biographies on this platform. It is free to use for those who have a Vodafone Sim card. All the content on this website can be watched in very high-quality visuals and sound. The content can be either streamed or download from this platform. It is available as both website and application versions. One can find both classic movies and the latest movies on this website including some of the blockbuster movies cannot be found on any other website. The content on this website is very novel categorized. 


1. Are the Legal Alternatives mentioned above safe to use? 

Yes, the Legal Alternatives that are mentioned above are very safe for your devices and you. It will not attract any viruses and malware to your device. They also do not violate any government norms or regulations. 

2. What is the use of VPN software? 

VPN software or app is used to stream content that is blocked in a specific country. If a particular movie is blocked in your country, you can watch it through a VPN app by selecting a country in which it is accessible. 

3. Is Moviespur illegal? 

Yes, Moviespur is an illegal piracy site that offers Pirated versions of recently released movies and web series. It violates the government’s policies and regulations. 

4. Are the above-mentioned legal alternatives free of cost? 

No, most of the above-mentioned legal alternatives will require you to subscribe to a video plan to stream movies and web series. But, some of them are free. Example: MX Player 

5. Why is there an increase in illegal online streaming sites? 

Online streaming sites are popular because they are completely free and easily accessible.


The increase in illegal online movie streaming sites is a curse to the Cinema industry. If you are a genuine movie lover, you should opt to watch movies through legal websites or applications. We do not support piracy or illegal online streaming sites in any way. It is recommended for you to watch movies through legal websites instead of free illegal streaming sites. The illegal streaming sites, not only discourage the hard work and art of movie Makers but also are very unsafe for you and your devices. It can easily attract viruses and malware through the pop-up ads present in it. Illegal streaming sites are never a good option to consider. To get a complete and satisfying movie-watching experience, prefer watching movies through legal websites. You can also try the ones that are mentioned above. 

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