Is 123Movies Safe & 15 Best Websites Like 123Movies in 2024

Best Alternatives for 123movies

We all know how movies enlighten, enrich, and enhance our lives. A good movie can set your mood straight even when you feel the lowest. But at the same time, we would all agree to this as well that visiting a movie theatre every time you hit a low would be a matter of great inconvenience. Then there could be people visiting the movie theatre five times a day! So the technology we built over these many years comes to our rescue. It brings to us a mechanism that allows us to watch movies right from our homes. 123movies is an example of just that. However, it is an illegal site. Movies are something that is made after great effort and hard work. The people behind such great work deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged with due remuneration. Nevertheless, 123movies has proved to be a site of major convenience for many. Let’s take a look at the details of it, shall we?!

What is 123movies?


123movies is a movie pirating site. You can watch pirated versions of movies on this platform, without having to pay the money for watching it. It usually requires a VPN to watch content here. This is because pirated movie sites are banned in several regions across the globe. By using a VPN you can create false footsteps across the web and change your location to a place where the site is legal to use. The site provides you with the latest and the best movie-watching experience online and has genres of all kinds starting from romantic comedies to thrillers and documentaries. They have distinguished their content into various categories such as movies, TV shows, top IMDB, featured, and many more. 

The point of it all is to make it easier for you to browse for your movies and conclude on one. 123movies sure guarantees you a good time in terms of watching movies. But one thing we must not let slip our mind is that it lets you view the content for free. Now that may seem like a good thing, but we all know that a person must be paid the due remuneration for his or her work that we enjoy. But then again, anything free is hard to resist as well. 

Features of 123movies:

123movies is an illegal site, true! But that should not and would not stop us from admiring the experience that it provides us with. It has now been in the market for quite a while and that would not have been possible if it was not for the brilliant features that made it what is it today. Let’s take a look at the main bait of the 123 movies that make us forget its illegal existence and just enjoy the movies that it streams. 

  • If a site does not have a wide range of content to offer, it would not have stayed in the game as long as 123movies did. Starting from thrillers to biographies to romantic tragedies and comedies, the site adheres to the need of every sector of its audience. This not only helps it to aim for a bigger audience but also helps to keep them as well. 
  • Soon we are going to take a look at how you can download movies from the site. You will then see how it is a child’s play to download content from 123movies. The only thing that you must know is how to use a VPN. As this is an illegal site, the VPN helps you to leave false footprints on the internet to achieve a deceived location. 
  • The fact that 123movies provides its content for free is merit as well as a demerit of the site. It has an immense number of contents and you can access it for free. But at the same time, it means you are denying the creator his or her due acknowledgment for the work. But in this regard, the pros outshine the cons to a great extent.
  • 123movies does not only have movies that one can watch but also various other kinds of content too. If you are an otaku, then chances are that maybe you would not enjoy a Tom Cruise or an Angelina Jolie as much as you would a Usui Takumi or an Erza Scarlet. You would not have to worry as 123movies has something to offer to everyone, starting from top-notch animes to web series to TV shows and of course movies. 

Categories of movies available on 123movies:

As has been pointed out several times, 123movies is known for the kinds of genres it has in its stock. If you are wondering as to what you could be expecting from the site, then you no longer need to work your brains. We have some of the top categories of genres of movies enlisted below that would tell you exactly what to expect. Read on.

  • Romance
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Documentaries
  • Comedies

How to watch a movie on 123movies?

One of the features that make 123movies a successfully running movie pirating site is that it lets you stream movies online as well. If you want, you can of course download your favourite movies and watch them offline. But that requires a lot of time. Here is how you can watch movies online on 123movies in a few simple steps. 

  • Your first job would be to find and put down the domain name of the site. Now, make sure that the one you are using is the current and active domain address of the site. 
  • You will now find yourself in the movie site. 
  • There are various categories of movies available. Choose the category of movie you would want to watch.
  • If you do not find the choice of your movie there itself, you can also search for it and select the movie of your choice from the search results. 
  • After you select a film, you will be asked whether you want to download the movie or stream it online.
  • Select the “stream” option and enjoy your movie in peace. 

15 Legal alternatives for 123movies in 2024

No matter how lucrative the idea of free movies may sound, it is nonetheless very much of a punishable offense. From moral respect too, one must not use the content created by someone else without their proper knowledge and without paying them the due remuneration. So here we have brought to you some legal alternatives that you could use to watch movies instead of 123movies.

1. Vudu:


This platform like 123movies will not take money for you to watch the movies. However, it is not pirating sites either. The site is legal and authentic enough and at the same time has a plethora of movies and other contents that you could choose from. The best part of it is that it is best for HD streaming and categorizing its movies by its genres so that it becomes easier for the viewer to choose from. They even have a kids section. 

2. Sony crackle:

Sony crackle

The reason you must choose a Sony crackle is because of the mammoth stock of movies that the site has. It lets you rent movies for free and has amazing video quality as well. Sony crackle is also very easy for people to understand and access. Its easy user interface helps it to gain a much bigger viewership. The site’s app is a very dedicated one as well. 

3. Tubi TV:

Tubi TV

This site too lets you watch movies for free. Its specialty is that it is rich in Asian content. If you are someone who likes to watch critically acclaimed movies rather than commercially famous ones then this is just the site for you. The site has an amazing collection of critically acclaimed films that you could choose from. 

4. IMDb Freedive

IMDb Freedive

This site offers you a range of movies of different kinds and that two free of cost. The catch here is that it shows lesser ads. This calls for a better movie-watching experience. It also accommodates the features of using a fire TV. The site provides you with full-length free movies and has an easy to handle interface as well.

5. YouTube


YouTube does not require much of an introduction. It Is a platform that supports video kinds of content starting from short videos to full-length movies. The catch is watching movies on YouTube is two-fold. One is that you can enjoy various kinds of movies on the platform. The second reason is that you can watch them for free. The app is easy to access and handle as well. 

6. Snag Films:

Snag Films

If you are a movie geek about documentaries, then snag films is your one-stop destination. Snag films also have a variety of other genres of movies. The other genres consist of LGBT movies, and critically acclaimed movies as well. The site offers its service is free, of course, but at the same time is legal everywhere unlike 123 movies.

7. Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive

You can directly download movies from this site for free. Even though the site has a marvellous collection of movies, they mainly focus on classics. So if you are a person who enjoys such classics, then this is a site that you could try. It is a comparatively lesser-known site and hence would not be crowded with people all the time letting you browse for your favourite movies whenever you like without much hustle.

8. Crunchyroll


This site is not as much as it is for movie lovers as it is for otakus. Crunchyroll consists mostly of anime and manga series. In the movie department, The site is rich in East Asian movies. It also contains many popular television shows of the regions. Nevertheless, even though the kinds of content the site provides is lesser compared to many other such sites, Crunchyroll makes up for it’s the quantity by the quality of the content that it provides.

9. Voot


Free to access and simple and easy to understand, Voot is one of the most popular movies watching sites in the market right now. It has been doing the rounds for quite a while now and it is safe to say that it is here to stay for quite some time. It mostly consists of shows from Viacom. It has a variety of movies to choose from.

10. Veoh


This one is probably not the best option that you could go for. The site does not contain any new movies or the latest ones. The latest movies are available on the site only after some time after their release in the halls. But the site does contain many short movies and very few advertisements, which makes it a viable choice for movie buffs who like watching short films. The site does not require any sort of registration either. 

11. Showbox


Showbox is an interesting and appealing movie-streaming website. It allows the users to watch not just the latest released movies but also the classic hits. So, in case, you wish to watch some old Hindi movies then you can do so via the Showbox website. The outstanding feature of this website is its HD-quality of content. The quality of the content available on the website is commendable. There will be no second thoughts in your mind when you watch movies on this website. So, why keep yourself aloof from such a good website that offers exactly what your hearty desire.  

12. Vumoo


Vumoo is a movie streaming website offering a lot of unique features, unlike other movie streaming platforms. It does not just provide the content for the sake of providing it but rather it provides the best quality of the content. You can very easily watch the movies or even download them. Downloading the content will allow you to watch it later at your convenience. So, do not delay it further. Start downloading and watching the latest content so that you could be a part of the movie discussion every time your friends would have one. Vumoo is the key to all your problems. So, have your key and unlock your problems. 

13. Vexmovies


Vexmovies is a well-designed platform that proffers every category of content. This platform is among the most popular platforms for providing content of every sort. Vexmovies provides one of the most appealing features. It helps the users to watch movies, web series, and TV shows without annoying advertisements. The advertisements that pop up on the screen when you watch an intense scene will no longer be available through Vexmovies. This website offers content based on genre, year of release, and quality. So, get your favourite movie and start watching. This will help you distract from your real-life problems.

14. Putlocker


Another site that will never disappoint the netizens is Putlocker. This online platform is a perfect alternative for 123Movies. The appearances of both the sites are similar. The search bar in the middle will lead you to your desired content. Not only that, but users can also watch famous TV shows and web series. This online platform has a very simple look – coloured with green and grey. Without any registration or paying any fees, the users can either watch the contents online or download them. Putlocker will never disappoint you with the quality of videos.

15. FMovies


Just a single search – the movie will be served on the table. FMovies is always at your service. This amazing online platform is well known; people of all ages visit Fmovies for some entertainment. If you are an anime fan or love to watch old movies, stay happy with your choices. FMovies has a collection of all the genres of movies, which are further divided among ratings, country, and popularity and so on. Either download the contents or watch them online – different streams are available to support the videos. Users no need to pay or register. FMovies does not feature many advertisements.


1. Is 123movies legal?

No, the site is not legal everywhere. Since it is difficult to know where it is legal to use it and where it is not, it is thus better to avoid the choice as much as possible.

2. Is it safe?

123 movies is a movie-by-rating site. It does not have the levels of security that another legal site would have. It is hence not very safe for a viewer.

3. Is the movie-watching experience good on 123movies?

Yes, the movie-watching experience is rather good on the mentioned site. However, the fact that it is a movie pirating site, may sometimes make it a bit uncomfortable to enjoy the movies.

4. Are the alternatives mentioned legal?

Yes, the alternatives mentioned above are legal. However, unlike Netflix and other such platforms, most of the alternatives mentioned do not require you to pay them any money.

5. Is 123 movies free?

Yes, 123movies is free to use. One will not have to be the site in any way to enjoy its services and watch movies there.


According to a recent declaration, the Indian Government has made it clear that it is strictly against the notion of using original content without giving due credit and name to the original content creator of the content. Acts of plagiarism or piracy is an offense considered punishable by the law. Sites such as 123movies are movie pirating sites and hence do take the help of such activities in propagating their business. We do not intend on supporting or promoting such acts in any way. The information provided above is strictly to enlighten the readers about the site and the aspect of risk in using it while providing them with some legal alternatives for the same.