Short Video Platform Firework Wants to Make It Easier for Creators to Monetise Content

Short Video Platform Firework Wants to Make It Easier for Creators to Monetise Content

Previously, in the content creating websites and apps, like Instagram and TikTok, you had to become more distinguished for monetizing your content. Hence, to achieve this feat, the users had to put a lot of time and effort into the app. However, those days are gone now. With Firework, you would not have to worry about the monetizing issue anymore. 

Recently, the brand has updated its app with a brand new feature called the OSP. According to Firework, it can help the videos of a creator to go beyond the boundaries of the application and gain more viewers quickly. Firework has said that this exclusive open-web concept will help out not only the creators but the brands and publishers connected with it as well. 

How Does This Platform Work?

The video-creating app, Firework, has been integrated with an extensive global network by collaborating with several apps, publishers, and tool manufacturers. Hence, if you do publish your video, then it will be primarily available only on the application first. Anyways, later, it will start going through the network circle and acquire new viewers in the process. 

Due to this reason, the overall view count in your application will grow by quite a mile. So, once you start gaining more viewers, you will also be able to increase the number of your overall followers’ as well. It, in turn, might help you to earn more money through the app and become successful in the field of video-based content creation. 

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Will This Feature be Actually Beneficial for the Creators? 

In all honesty, it is still too early to judge the new feature of Firework. There are several other video-creating apps available on the market, which are highly popular among the content creators. So, this OSP alone cannot help Firework to get more people on-board. Besides this, the app also has to expand its time limit for more than 30 seconds.  

However, the approach of Firework towards the monetizing situation seems quite noble and crucial. The organization has gathered around 400 global partners and is taking their help to move forward with this initiative. So, hopefully, it is going to be beneficial for the people who usually spend 50% of their time creating new content.

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