Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2024 That Are Worth A Try

Best Android Apps

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our modern-day lives. Initially, it came into our lives just to make and receive calls. In recent times, it has become essential and it helps us in various ways. Starting from the countless daily tasks to education and work life, we are dependent on the phone for everything. There are endless possibilities of a smartphone and that is possible only because of the technologically recognized apps. The apps in an android smartphone are available in the Google Play store. One can easily download the apps and use them as and when required. The choices of the apps are overwhelming because there a huge number of apps available for an Android smartphone or other android devices. Everyone can use the apps as they have a simple interface and are easy to understand. Today, we are going to tell you about the top 10 apps that you can try for yourself.

The Top 10 Android Apps in 2024

1. Weather 


Weather is one of the amazing apps available in the Google play store for free. It has a paginated and simple design that displays the current weather, forecast for the next 12 weeks, and other interesting stats. Apart from these, you will also receive a set of customizable widgets and terrible weather notifications. The notifications would help to foresee the storms that are approaching. The weather becomes a crucial aspect when we make travel plans; hence, this app is important for everyone.

2. Google Drive 

Google Drive 

This is an app that would store all your valuable files and photos without blocking the memory of your phone. It is a cloud storage solution created for Android users. The app allows 15GB space to all the new users for free. If you require more space, you need to buy it. There are various Android apps attached to it such as the Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, Google calendar, Google, Photos, Google Slides, and Google Keep. The app also includes deep sharing features and live collaboration.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps are considered as one of the best Android apps ever. It is a navigation app that assists you while you take the unknown route. The app is updated frequently and almost every week, the existing features are revisited to add more credibility. Google maps allow you to access places of interest, directions to gas stations or rest stops, and traffic data. Recently they have introduced offline maps as well.

4. LetPass Password Manager 

LetPass Password Manager

As we are signed in to various platforms and apps, it sometimes becomes difficult to remember the login credentials. LetPass is one of the must-have Android apps because it allows you to save the credentials safely. The app also helps you generate secure passwords that are difficult to guess and you can use them for your accounts. The app is controlled with a master password and has cross-platform support so that use on other tablets and computers.

5. Google assistant

Google assistant

It is one of the powerful apps for your Android device. The app is readily available on the Play store. You simply need to download and enable it for use. After that, you can just ask whatever you want. The app supports several commands and therefore it is really helpful for the users. You can ask about population control, you can control the lights of your home and it has the capacity of solving simple math problems for you.

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6. Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft Swiftkey is a customizable third-party keyboard that is quite powerful from the others. This app was initiated several years ago and it was equipped with a predictive engine, which made it different from the rest. The app has grown a lot over the past few years. The keyboard is free for download and you can buy the themes if you want. Some of the helpful features of this app are SwiftKey Flow for gesture typing, dedicated number row, and multiple language support.

7. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

For all the podcast fans, Podcast Addict is an excellent app. The app features almost all the podcasts that you can ever think of. It has an effective and simple UI, numerous download and playback features, and various organizational features. The app comes with a single-cost premium version. You would be able to browse podcasts by category or search them individually with the help of the search bar. The app allows you to create playlists conveniently and set download rules on both SONOS and Chromecast.

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8. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player 

Poweramp is the most functional and popular local music player of Android devices. It is equipped with the best features like hi-res audio support, equalizer, gapless smoothing, Android Auto, and supports any audio codec that you may find. It is compatible, even with devices like LGV60. The overall look of the player is great and you can choose themes from the Google Play store. The UI requires a learning curve, however, once you are used to it, you can play songs easily.

9. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Pulse is one of the great SMS apps that are currently available for Android technology. Pulse SMS is ornated with various features like GIF support, theming, blacklist spammers, dual-SIM support, and password protected conversations. You can use Pulse SMS to send messages from your desktop. You either can pay $10.99 as a single payment or can go for a monthly subscription. It is one of the excellent options to access your texts everywhere.

10. YouTube and YouTube Music

YouTube and YouTube Music

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to streaming options. However, the combination of YouTube and YouTube Music is extra-ordinary. For one price, you can stream and listen to unlimited music from YouTube Music and get ad-free YouTube access with background video play and an offline downloading facility. The combination of both apps would meet all your audio and video streaming needs.

The above-mentioned apps are universal for all Android devices and have been widely used by the people. These are some of the apps that we consider best and useful for everyone. Even if you are not familiar with them, you can give it try and check their eminence.

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