Google Discover Feed Starts Surfacing TikTok-Style Short Videos: Report

Google Discover Feed Starts Surfacing TikTok-Style Short Videos

Recently, Google Discover feed is full of relevant data that has started displaying TikTok style video clips as a test.

With the news of TikTok getting banned in many countries, companies have joined the rat race to come up with a perfect alternative to it. Finally, Google too has joined the race. 

Google Discover feed is full of short video clips from popular video-sharing apps such as Tangri, Trell, and others.

What is Google Discover up to?

According to 9to5Google report, the video clips can be opened in the web browser by just simply tapping on it. The logo of the platform is displayed on the top, while the name of the video is shown at the bottom. Additionally, you will get to use controls including sharing, mute, or unmute. It also comes with a progress indicator. In case, you don’t like a video, you can hide it from the menu. 

However, Google is playing safe by limiting the features to only a few users. So far, only one user has reported seeing the feature. This is why it is difficult to verify. Also, the company hasn’t announced anything officially. Unless they pass any comment, we cannot be sure of what’s going on.

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Where are the videos coming from?

The videos displayed on Google Discover feed are taken from short video sharing apps like Tangri, Trell, and other competitors of TikTok. Most of these videos are 60 seconds long and comes with controls and other features. However, this feature is restricted to only a few users right now which means everyone hasn’t got it yet.

For those who want to access Google Discover can do so from their android or ios smartphones. For ios users, they have to use the Google app. It displays news and topics of things that interest you.

After the ban of TikTok in India, there is news that the app may get banned in some other countries as well. For this very reason, companies are rushing to come up with the best alternative for TikTok. Currently, you will come across many video sharing apps like TikTok. Most of these apps are of Indian origin.

According to news, the US has also issued an executive order to ban TikTok. Instagram which is currently owned by Facebook has recently introduced their new TikTok like feature called Reels which allows users to make 15 seconds videos and share them on the app.

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