Apple Blocks Epic Games From Game Developer Tools

Apple Blocks Epic Games From Game Developer Tools

If you follow the headlines, you already know that Apple and Epic Games are going through a legal battle with each other. All of this started when Apple blocked Epic Game developer tools ios developers program after Epic introduced its payment system in the app store which is against Apple’s policy.

This Friday, Apple said that it has banned Epic Games, the creator of Fornite from developer tools which is needed to update games on smartphones.

The move to terminate Epic from the developer’s program was taken just a few days later after a US court declined its appeal to restore Fortnite on the Apple app store. The court said that its expulsion by the company was a “self-inflicted wound.”

Apple Inc said to AFP that they are really unhappy about the decision of banning the developer tools account of Epic Games from their app store

Apple Blocks Epic Games From Game Developer Tools

Apple decided of removing the game Fortnite from its mobile app store on 13th August. This was after Epic Games introduced an update that goes against the terms and conditions of Apple. Epic Games had come up with the payment system that would allow them to collect payments directly from users. According to Apple, this is against their terms and conditions as Epic Games is liable to pay them a commission.

Apple as you already know doesn’t allow its users to use any other app store to download and install apps. All the apps used on an iPhone have to be downloaded only from the Apple app store. This is a strict policy followed by the company since its inception.

Apple informed Epic Games that they are going to ban them from accessing the developer tools that are required to update apps and software used by Apple’s operating systems.

A federal judge, however, stopped Apple from stopping Epic’s access to the tools as it would bring them heavy damage and cause huge loss to many other small developers as well. The Unreal Engine is the tool that is required to power graphics on a PC.

The federal court instructed Epic to follow the guidelines set by Apple, while the case is under progress. However, Epic Games have refused the order given by the US court and continues to submit updates that break the guidelines set by the Apple app store

Due to the ongoing feud between the companies, Fortnite players are stuck in the middle of a battle between the two major companies. 

Apple has asked Epic games to use the payment system used by Apple to accept payments from users. But Epic Games is not in the mood to comply with Apple’s scheme.

In response to this, Apple has terminated Epic to submit any more Fortnite updates or apps through their developer account.

Players who have the previous version of Fortnite, they can still play the game on their ipads and iPhones. However, they all have to use the payment system used by Apple for any transactions or whatsoever.


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