Do’s and Don’ts while Playing Fantasy Cricket

Do’s and Don’ts while Playing Fantasy Cricket

At times when our real life gets too hectic, mundane, and routine, it’s the fantasy that revives us. Imagining fantasy thoughts, stories, places, or activities is not just an escape mechanism from real-time troubles. It helps us explore uncharted territories, live our own “what-ifs”, “what-can-be”, and more.

If you have been an avid sports fan, especially of cricket, and you are all braced up to live your own cricket fantasy, Fantasy Cricket games are here for you! In this article, we are going to discuss online fantasy games such as Fantasy Cricket; some noteworthy do’s and don’ts for you to amplify your chances of success.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Remember those old-and-gold days of childhood when you literally waited for the school bell to ring so that you could start playing cricket with your friends? Remember the endless hours on the field that often used to blur your sense of time and place? Remember your mom’s bickering for being delayed for your evening snacks because of too much Cricket? Remarkable memories, are they not?

Well, a lot of time has passed since then, and life has happened. You lost touch, and now going back to the field might not seem judicious. So, what’s the way out? Fantasy Cricket is here to evoke the same old thrill in you! Yes, you got it right. There are an enormous number of Fantasy Cricket apps and gaming platforms that you must get your hands on right away.

Let’s get to the specifics.

Fantasy Cricket is nothing but building your own virtual team, chalking out your Cricket strategy, and executing the same effortlessly to win and relive the winning moments.

Wondering how to play Cricket Fantasy League? Read on.

How to play Cricket Fantasy League?

Online fantasy games such as Cricket, Kabaddi, Football and Basketball are rapidly gaining ground in India and across the globe.

All you have to do is get the app to play online fantasy games of your choice. Set up your fantasy team with virtual currency and get started with the contest of your choice. Do remember that real-life players are allotted a certain virtual value, which is an essential part of online fantasy games.

Now, let’s understand the expert-recommended do’s and don’ts of Fantasy Cricket.

Do’s and don’ts of Fantasy Cricket


  • Exercise Patience and Persistence – No one and nothing is perfect around us. Expecting your online fantasy games to yield perfect execution and result is like chasing up a mirage. The key here is exercising patience and persistence. Chalk out strategies for the games; keep persistently trying to up your gaming skills; do exercise an optimistic attitude towards Fantasy cricket, and you are sorted.
  • Do Your Research – Keep track of the real-time Cricket schedules, and know where the game is being played. Be ready with your research regarding the pitch, the playing 11 team, and the other key aspects. This ground research work will help you choose your fantasy team in a judicious manner, which will ultimately help you win.
  • Wait for the Game to Begin – You must be all excited to get started. However, it’s wise to observe the real-time game and its proceedings before building your fantasy team and initiating the contests. A slow-and-steady approach can dictate your success here.
  • Opt for an Informed Selection – Choose wisely. That’s the Mantra in Fantasy Cricket.
  • Invest – When we say invest, it’s not about investing in your virtual currency or wallet. It’s about investing your time in analysing past real-time and fantasy games, keeping a tab on players’ performances, and planning the most potential gaming strategy for your next online fantasy games.


  • Stay Unbiased – We all have a fanfare for some of the Cricket giants, don’t we? While that may carry some sentimental value, you need to stay focused during your online fantasy games. Keep personal bias at bay, and don’t build your fantasy team with players just because you absolutely adore their games. Don’t forget to line up your dream 11 players to make you a winner.
  • Don’t Over-complicate – You sure are excited to start playing Fantasy cricket, and earning some extra cash doesn’t hurt. However, don’t rush. Take a slow and steady approach.
  • Don’t Put Your Investment in a Hurry – We all know team 11 consists of first-order, middle and lower-order batsmen, bowlers and fielders, and the extended players. Don’t invest in middle or lower-order batsmen just because you are a fan. Think judiciously and build a winning team.

When it comes to online fantasy games, the do’s and don’ts go much beyond the discussed ones. It all boils down to learning from each match, observing how winners achieve it, and experimenting a bit with your next strategy or fantasy team.

Wrapping Up

If you are wondering how to play a cricket fantasy league, you can count on the cutting-edge Fantasy Cricket platforms. They come with a vast number of advantages, such as responsible gaming, fair play policies, quick and easy withdrawals, exceptional safety and security, and exciting rewards.

Get started today!