Dr. Stone Chapter 173 Official Release Date, Chapter 172 Recap And More Details

Dr.Stone Chapter 173 Spoilers

As Ryusui’s map is marked with X, Ryusui laughs and announces that this is the place where they are going to find out the answers and truth about the great purification. ‘Amazon’ was the topic of talk for everyone as Taiju thinks it is going to be a great adventure for everyone. Senku is worried about the fuel amount as they have to travel so far from the ocean. Xeno feels they will move slowly and reach there correctly. Xeno also feels they should have fuel to reach the place. Everyone starts to chop wood to make charcoal and Senko tells them to hurry as Stan will catch up. Taiju notices something shining in the sky while working. 

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Official release date of Dr. Stone Chapter 173 

Dr. Stone Chapter 173

Dr. Stone Chapter 173 is all set to release on 8 November 2020, Sunday. The spoilers of Dr. Stone Chapter 173 are not released. Keep checking this page to see any updates regarding the upcoming chapters. Every Sunday, Dr. Stone’s new chapter will be released unless the weekly schedule changes to release on Friday. 

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Recap of Dr. Stone Chapter 172

Dr.Stone Chapter 173 Spoilers

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When Taiju sees something glowing in the sky, he notices that there is something written on it called ‘HELL’. Does he feel someone is messing up with the sky and the moon and asks everyone what is happening around there? Everyone is shocked. Luna tells everyone to carefully look around the letters of HELL. Xeno has no idea what this means. All of a sudden a lady looking like a pumpkin appears wearing a bizarre costume. 

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Xeno is the one who recognizes her and finds out she is none other than Dr. Chelsea. Senku asks Xeno if both of them are friends, Xeno tells they have just met each other. Xeno tells that it is because of Senku, Dr. Chelsea arrived here. Chelsea has seen the work that he used to post on the internet. She wants to follow his swallow population distribution data. Dr. Chelsea knows the shortcut to reach the place and they can easily get away from Stan. Chelsea tells them to use a motorcycle and advises them to travel across South America and make landfall in northern Ecuador by climbing the mountains. Senku replies that they don’t have a motorcycle, but they are planning to make one. 

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Where to watch Dr. Stone Chapter 173?

You can watch the chapters of Dr. Stone manga on official Manga Plus platforms Or VIZ media. You can expect the raw scans of the new chapters two or three days before the chapter release. Please read the Manga chapters from the official websites and apps to support the manga creators.

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