Batgirl May Feature in Next DC Game From Batman: Arkham Origins Studio WB Games Montréal


There is a very good chance that Batgirl will be featured in the next Batman: Arkham Origins game developed by WB Games Montreal.

This Monday, WB games started testing their next title under their@r3dakt3d Twitter handle. This website is associated with Batgirl’s first comic book appearance.

However, the trailer is heavily cryptic. But Batman fans are never to be underestimated. They have nearly figured out how or what the teaser is. As far as we know the teaser contains an owl symbol that is related to the Court of Owls group. This entity is expected to play a crucial role in the next game.

Fans put in their best effort to find out the r3dakt3d website which reveals the text “We have been expecting you.” this has triggered the fans to dig out more details about the upcoming game.

It is quite clear that WB games are teasing the fans with their little tricks. In the quest of finding out more about the teaser, some of the fans have managed to find the codes that are on the teaser website.

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When the code is put together and searched on Google, it leads you to EAN or European Article Number for Detective Comics #359. This is the comic book where we are introduced to Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl for the first time. This can be a clear hint from WB games that they are going to feature Batgirl in their next Batman game.

We have already seen Barbara helping Batman in the Arkham Knight. So it wouldn’t come as a shock if Batgirl is featured in the next Batman game. She plays an important role in the Arkham series. 

As of now, we can only wait for WB Games to officially announce their plan.

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