Google Assistant App Now Uses Your Searches To Give You Personalized Recommendations

Google Assistant Now Uses Your Searches To Give You Personalized Recommendations

Google Assistant is a useful app that makes your life easier. It can find you what you want without you having to search the web. Being a tech leader in the market, Google is now set to make some changes to already existing features of the Google Assistant app. They are revamping their Snapshot feature for both android and ios platforms.

The Snapshot feature was first added to the app in 2018. This feature was designed to give you a better experience with the app. it helped users to get timely information such as stocks, appointments, packages, and others. Now that corporate has decided to update its two-year-old feature and make it more personalised and efficient. 

They are planning to add push notifications for occasions, suggestions of the things that you may like, and much more. The latter will be based on user data. In other words, the Google Assistant will suggest you things based on your latest searches. With this new update, the company is all set to make their assistant smarter and better.

This update will enable Google Assistant to suggest you more personalised options. For example, it will suggest recipes that you may like, podcasts that you may want to hear, and others. However, you will also be given the option to alter these suggestions in the day. For example, you can alter the recommendations to see lunch recipes in the noon. 

Apart from recommending personalised things, Snapshot will show all the important tasks you have at the top of your screen. This will include holidays, birthdays, and other important dates. With this feature, you will never forget any important again. 

Another interesting feature is the push notifications for birthdays that will directly take you to the page where you will be suggested with various actions that you can do next. This includes texting, calling, or even singing a birthday song. However, the push notifications for upcoming birthdays are available for only English-speaking markets for now.

The Google Assistant will also send you notifications for events, flights upcoming bills, and others. The Snapshot feature will have the ability to change the suggestions based on the time of the day. For example, in the morning, it will show you breakfast options and in the evening, it will give you dinner recipes and so on. This will completely change the way you interact with the Google Assistant.

You can also say “Hey Google, show me my day” to see your Snapshot. In short, this new update is a cool one.


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