How Netflix Users Can Get the Most Out of Their Subscription in 2021

How Netflix Users Can Get the Most Out of Their Subscription in 2021

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Disney+ exclusive Wanda Vision has dominated the news cycle for the past month, but don’t let that distract you from the wealth of content Netflix has planned for 2021, from more true crime documentaries to the final season of Ozark.

But before you sit down and start binging these new releases, make sure you’re getting the most out of Netflix and are experiencing Netflix to the fullest. To help you do that, here are five tips that will make your Netflix that much better!

5 Tips for Netflix Subscribers in 2021

1. Use a VPN to Access Content in Other Countries

The entire world may share the same Internet, but that doesn’t mean all content is available to everyone. This goes double for Netflix, its content varying from country to country. 

There are multiple reasons why Netflix’s content differs depending on the country you’re in. For one, certain countries’ governments limit the content citizens are allowed to see, such as China and Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia even had Netflix take down the political show Patriot Act because of a joke made towards the crown prince.

Oftentimes, however, it simply comes down to licensing issues. Hosting such a large variety of shows and movies from different companies and vendors means that some content will be exclusive to certain territories.

That said, there’s nothing stopping you from watching geo-blocked content as long as you have a VPN. You can connect your VPN to different servers across the world to access geo-blocked content. For example, your VPN can access a server in the U.K. to view content exclusive to U.K. Netflix.

2. Keep Family in Mind When Paying for a Subscription

Netflix’s tiered pricing for their subscription can be confusing. There are three tiers to a Netflix subscription:

  • The Basic plan, which now costs $8.99 a month,
  • The Standard plan, which costs $13.99 a month,
  • And the Premium plan, which costs $17.99 a month.

At first glance, the only difference between these subscriptions (besides cost) is the stream quality allowed—the Premium plan allows for 4K HDR while the Basic plan only allows S.D. quality. However, if you share your Netflix account with friends or family members, you’ll want to either use the Standard or Premium plan.

This is because each plan limits how many people can use Netflix at once. While the Basic plan allows only one person on the account at a time, the Standard allows two, while the Premium allows four people at once.

When looking for a subscription, keep in mind how many people will be using the account and decide based on that.

3. Customize Subtitles to Fit Your Needs

Subtitles are an essential part of every streaming service. From users that suffer from impaired hearing to viewers of content produced in other languages, many use subtitles at least a few times throughout the course of their subscription. Because of this, it’s important you take some time out of your day to customize the subtitles.

Netflix allows users to customize their subtitles to their heart’s content, letting them adjust the size at which subtitles appear, where they appear on the screen, and if there is a background behind the text. There are plenty of customization options available for Netflix subscribers, so take advantage of them!

4. Take Advantage of Browser Extensions to Improve Netflix

Netflix may be perhaps the smoothest streaming service program out there. The U.I. is fantastic, there’s rarely any hitching, and accessing the various options and settings is only a button or two away. However, the service can definitely be improved. Fortunately, browser extensions allow users to improve the service in their own way.

Netflix has been kind to the developers of browser extensions, recognizing how important some of these extensions are. For example, some Netflix users find browser extensions that add IMDB ratings to shows and movies within Netflix essential to the experience. Others find extensions that allow for viewing parties important. 

There are dozens of Netflix browser extensions available, and if you’re serious about getting the most out of Netflix, they’re highly recommended.

5. Out of Things to Watch? Try Netflix Roulette

Speaking of third-party supplements to Netflix, Netflix Roulette is always a good site to pair with Netflix. Have you ever been bored and without something to watch on Netflix? Maybe you think you’ve watched everything there is to watch on Netflix.

Netflix Roulette, hosted by ReelGood, lets users “spin the wheel” and find a new show or movie to binge on. Users can filter results based on IMDB/ReelGood rating and genre, but that’s about it. Nevertheless, Netflix Roulette is a fun addition to Netflix that not enough people use!


Many people simply subscribe to Netflix and start watching—not a problem, per se, but they’re missing out on a lot by now exploring everything Netflix has to offer. With these five tips, you’ll be able to make the most out of your Netflix subscription.


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