Report Suggests Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Might Come With Bixby Voice Unlock Feature

Report Suggests Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Might Come With Bixby Voice Unlock Feature

A recent report suggests that Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will come with Bixby’s voice unlock feature as a biometric system for efficient phone security. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series is believed to be equipped with One UI 3.1, which will be based on Android 11. The smartphone is said to have a Bixby voice as a method to unlock the phone. 

The users can select the Bixby voice to unlock feature from the phone with the help of One UI 3.1. The users should go to the phone’s lock screen settings to access this feature, according to the report. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Expected Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S21 series might be launched in January 2021. The series will come with three models including Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The report by SamMobile suggests that Bixby’s voice unlock feature in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will be allowed by One UI 3.1 through voice recognition. One UI 3.1 is not something that will be present only in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. It will also be used in other Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But, until this happens, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be the only smartphone series to have equipped with Bixby’s voice unlock feature. 

Specs of Bixby’s voice unlock feature

Reportedly, Bixby’s voice unlock feature will work just like other biometric methods on phones such as fingerprint lock, PIN and face unlock. However, some modifications or specifications related to Bixby’s voice is yet to be known. An official statement from Samsung will clear any more queries related to this feature. 

Tech giant Samsung should be much more careful with the Bixby voice feature, as the security of the phone should not be compromised. Because there are chances for strangers to unlock your phone using the voice feature. It is not much safe. This is why Google also stopped its users from using the Assistant to unlock their phones. Though it allowed them for a short period, it soon disabled this feature.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series is believed to be unveiled with One UI 3.1 based on Android 11. One UI 3.0 is currently being tested in beta by Samsung on Samsung smartphones. Therefore, it might start introducing this to many more devices very soon. The report says, Samsung is gearing up to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S21 by January 2021. 


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