How To Get Free EA Access Codes in 2022?

How To Get Free EA Access Codes

If you are a gamer to your heart’s deepest core, you must know how popular EA Games are. EA Games (Electronic Arts Games) are a type of sunshine for any professional gamer or game buff. It is a delight for gamers to be able to indulge in EA Games.

For those gamers looking for Free EA Access Codes for their favorite games, let us tell you that you have come to the right place. In this article, we would be helping you know about the Electronic Arts Games and how you can gain the required methods for Free EA Access Codes to play your favorite EA Sports Games such as Sims 4, FIFA 20, NHL 20, and many more. Now, let’s dive into some best ways to get Free EA access codes with a bit of a brief about it first without wasting time.

What are EA Access Codes?

Before we move on to the main topic of concern in this article, we should first know a few things about an EA Access Code. If you are a gamer, you might already know about an EA Access Code. But to summarize it for anyone who doesn’t know about it, the EA Access Code is a subscription for video game services available on devices such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

With the help of an EA Access Code, players can play and enjoy their favorite games as long as they want. These codes come with other amazing offers, and advantages including membership discounts, early access to new games, trials, and a great collection of EA Games. With all these premium features, players can enjoy their favorite games to the maximum without any interruption. 

Early trials give them early access to new games, while member discounts sometimes offer around 10% discount on all digital purchases for Xbox One and PS4 devices. Overall, if a user has access to an EA Access Code, they have hit the jackpot for their gaming sessions. However, these codes do not come cheap. To get an EA Access Code, users have to pay the price of each subscription. Of course, the users will get discounts on their purchases, but sometimes they cannot afford the same, which is why we are here to help you get Free EA Access Codes.

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How To Get Free EA Access Codes?

Now, coming to the central part of our article, here are a few ways to get Free EA Access Codes for your gaming sessions – 

1) Try Using Survey Sites

The possession of an EA Access Code depends on the amount of money you have. One of the best ways to earn money is through the help of Survey sites. Some of these sites that can give you enough money to get EA Access Codes are as follows:

  1. LifePoints
  2. Vindale Research
  3. Swagbucks
  4. SurveyVoices
  5. SurveyJunkie
  6. InboxDollars

2) Get Help From The EA Support To Gain Free Code

This is not recommended, but you can try this method to gain free codes if you are desperate enough. The method involves the end-user convincing the EA support persons that the Access Code owned by the user, which comes with the game, is not working. If they fall for the trick, they will provide a new and fresh Access Code for the same. 

Follow these steps to talk to the EA support team to convince them:

  1. Go to your browser and visit 
  2. Login to your account or create one. Please remember that if you are an avid EA gamer, then you would already possess one account. We recommend you use the Xbox Live email to login. 
  3. Wait for support personnel to get assigned.
  4. When you talk to support personal or representative, you tell him that your access code is not working. Do not, in any circumstances, tell him that your game is working without the code. If you let him know this little detail, he might tell you to return the game and order a new manual. You have to pretend that you do not know anything about these things and just need help. 
  5. After you tell him about your problem, the support personnel will ask you for your code. You can make up any random code but make sure that it has 16 characters. 25 character codes are for Xbox Live. For example, an EA access code would go something like this- 5ASP52WX2XVVBRTX. Please don’t copy-paste this code but try to think one on your own by altering the characters and numbers. 
  6. After you provide the support personnel with a random code, he will now ask you about your game’s details, such as Where did you get the game from? You can answer with any name of a famous retail store such as GameStop, BestBuy, or Walmart. Also, let him know that you tried to return the game, but they did not accept it as it was already opened. Refrain yourself from telling him the name of a Video Game Store around your neighborhood, such as a Gaming Hub. This will make him say that you should return the game to them. 
  7. After you let him know about the store, the support personnel will make you wait for few minutes and then provide you with a new EA Access Code.

Please note that this will only work if they are convinced with your conversation, so make sure that you say the right things and do not mess up the content of the conversation. But again, we do not recommend this method.

3) Get Help From Your Friend Circle And Relatives For Leftover Access Codes

Anyone who purchases an Xbox game is offered a month of Free EA Access Codes. If you have a big friend circle or have friendly relatives, you can casually ask for their help. If any of these people you know bought a new game recently, then you will be able to find an EA Access Code on the game’s manual and use it to enjoy the game.

4) Try Searching For Free Trials

It is seen that EA Games do not always provide a free trial, but there are a few times where they do offer one. You should always be ready to look out for such opportunities to get Free EA Access Codes to play new games. Free Trials usually come out on holiday seasons, so make sure that you keep checking their homepage. 

5) Try Finding Used EA Access Codes Or Memberships On eBay

Many users sometimes tend to sell their EA Access Codes for low and affordable prices on eBay. So, you can always look for these opportunities and grab from the one who is offering them at a reasonable cost.

6) Can Find Free EA Access Codes On The Web

There are many sites available online that list the Free Access EA codes available that you can use. These are usually updated from time to time, so make sure that the one you find must be in working condition. These are the example of the codes listed on such sites:

  1. 33NGF 7TX89 XK2TP YPDXV 94RFF

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Final Words

So, these are a few ways to gain Free EA Access Codes to play your favorite games and access premium benefits in the game. We hope that through this article, you will be able to get Working Codes for a better gaming experience and also earn yourself a few bucks with the help of the survey sites mentioned in the article. Before accessing any site to get free codes, make sure it is reliable; otherwise, you will end up falling for a scam. Play safe & enjoy!

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