Typical Gamer Net Worth 2024 – How Much Is the YouTube Gamer Worth?

Typical Gamer Net Worth

When we say “Andre Rebelo”, you might not know who we are talking about. But, when we mention Typical Gamer, which is a name that doesn’t require any further introduction. He is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers who has gained a lot of popularity with his gaming streams.

His rise to fame is all thanks to his streaming videos where he plays leading video games like Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite. Besides streaming, Andre also releases videos sharing tips and gameplay experiences with his audience.

This article will explore more about Typical Gamer, his early life, his career, and his net worth as well.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Andre Rebelo
Birth Date March 23, 1992
Age 31
Country of Origin Canada
Profession Gamer, Youtuber
Marital Status Unmarried
Parent’s Name Unknown
Samara Redway
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $23 million
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2024

Early Life

Typical Gamer was born on March 23, 1992. His actual name is Andre Rebelo and he uses the alias Typical Gamer on YouTube. He was born in Toronto, Canada.

Andre grew up in a household dominated by talks of business. Since his father was a successful entrepreneur that was what was expected of Andre too. There’s not much information available about his childhood and his life growing up.

However, growing up alongside his brother Billy was what pushed him towards gaming. Not only did he expose him to the concept of streaming, but it was also Billy who pushed his brother to opt for the alias that he uses on his social media and streaming channels now.


Andre launched his YouTube channel in 2008 with hopes to stream some games and maybe growing his audience. During the initial days of his YouTube career, Andre used to play Red Dead Redemption.

Following that, he started introducing a diverse range of games to his YouTube streaming. He aimed to create content that was diverse and attracted the attention of the audience. That’s when he started streaming games like Minecraft and Halo 4.

Around five years after starting his YouTube channel, Andre leveraged YouTube’s live-streaming feature and started playing Grand Theft Auto V. It was during this period that he saw his YouTube channel gain more and more traction.

Over the years, Andre has diversified his career and launched another YouTube channel, where he shares different types of gaming videos too. He has worked with leading gaming and tech brands like Google, Ubisoft, etc. 

Typical Gamer

Personal Life

Andre is quite private about his personal life. However, he has revealed to his audience that he is currently dating Samara Redway. She is also a content creator. The two have been back and forth about their quirks and fights.

Despite the fights showcased online, Andre and Samara seem to be quite happy with each other. They currently reside in Vancouver together. 

Net Worth

As of 2024, Typical Gamer, aka Andre Rebelo has an estimated net worth of $23 million. The majority of his income is through his YouTube ad revenue. He runs two successful channels, which acquire millions of views each year. Besides that, Andre also sells his merchandise, which has generated a steady income for him. He has also collaborated with leading brands and companies, earning via that as well.


1. What does TG play on?

Andre Rebelo or Typical Gamer is one of the biggest Canadian gaming and streaming YouTubers that is known for streaming Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V.

2. Does a typical gamer have Instagram?

Yes, if you like Typical Gamer and want to keep up with his life besides the game streaming, he is available on Instagram and he posts short videos, images, and behind-the-scenes content too.

3. Is Typical Gamer married?

Andre is very private about his personal life, especially his love life. What we do know is that he is not married but he is dating Samara Redway, who is a renowned content creator.