How to Watch Private YouTube Videos with or without Permission (Best Ways)

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

The internet is full of terrific websites and platforms which give users a stage to showcase their expertise. Youtube is one such famous online video platform across the globe. People use this website to showcase their personal and professional video content to desired users. Currently, Youtube has more than 200 crore monthly users worldwide. Nearly everyone is familiar with this video platform and knows that youtube provides the functionality of Privacy Settings to its users.

A video uploader has the choice to make its video public, private, or share it with a link-only option. The video-centric platform is quite simple to use, and its content is easily shareable to other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. These methods and pieces of information are purely for educational purposes.

Any user can see public videos, but Private videos can be watched by the uploaders or anyone who has permission. Despite that, many age-restricted videos require login on youtube. Google owns the platform and it is very strict about its guidelines. This helps them serve excellent and valuable quality content to its users and encourages uploaders not to use prohibited content such as offensive, violent, nudity, pornographic, etc. The users are mandated to follow the copyright policy strictly.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos with Permission

The only way to watch a private video on youtube with permission is through contacting the video channel owner. Youtube gives authority to share any particular video with several users, so the uploader of a video can add your email and grant permission to watch a private video. It is essential to have the specific video link for which you are asking permission. You can directly contact the channel owner and request to send you an exclusive permission URL on your email so you can watch the private video.

  • Once the owner agrees, he or she will permit you. You will receive an email.
  • Open your inbox, check for the video’s uploader mail.
  • You will see a preview thumbnail with a curved red box with three dots inside; in the mail. Click on it and you will be redirected to the youtube video.

An uploader can allow up to 25-50 people and share a private URL with them, and only those can watch the videos. Remember, youtube allows only 25 private URLs, so if you are a Youtuber who wants to share private videos, keep this in mind.

Best Ways to Watch Private YouTube Video without Permission

There are few ways to watch private videos on youtube without seeking the channel owner’s permission. Still, many methods might not work with time as Youtube keeps making changes in its algorithm from time to time, just like other social media websites.

You just need to follow few steps:

  • Visit a private YouTube video URL you want to watch.
  • Delete “watch?” from its URL.
  • It should look like:-
  • Press the Enter key.
  • This method will unlock the private video and give you access to watch it.

Alternate method: Along with the following above, replace “=” with “/”

Watch Private Youtube Videos without sign-in, which are previously watch on PC

If you have watched a video on youtube but it is later marked as private, you can still watch it with this trick. The process is a bit lengthy but worth it if you really want to watch those marked private videos on YouTube.

  • Use a utility tool called Video Cache View to watch a previously watched video of your choice. It works through cache downloads.
  • To make it work, you need to find the Mpeg-Dash video format.
  • Use GPAC software and convert it into MP4 format.
  • Use Video Cache View utility to play the cached version of that private video.

The process might look tricky, but you will quickly understand that it is not so difficult once you use these two tools.

It automatically scans the entire cache of your web browser and let you simply copy the cached video files into another folder for playing them in the future by following the method as mentioned above.

There is another method that allows you to see thumbnails of a private video rather than watching it. So if you are interested in knowing what the uploader made private, you may follow these steps:–

  1. The first thing is to get the private video link like this—
  2. This is important because you need the video ID in this method (the text marked as bold in step one).
  3. The last step is simple, just copy the video ID and paste it with the links given below and hit enter.

You will see some four thumbnails of a private video with this trick if it is not getting edited. Youtube does not keep video thumbnails private, so it may help you.

Apart from these methods, you can go for Youtube Video downloader websites to download public youtube videos. Apart from this, some tools and extensions claim to download private youtube videos you can check below:-

  • 4k Video Downloader
  • IO Transfer
  • Video Downloader professional by startpage24 – Web Browser Addon (Firefox & Chrome)

There are many different ways for users to use and view/download private or unlisted youtube videos with or without permission. We have tried most of these tricks and tools and then shared them with you. Always try to contact the video uploader for the consent of that specific private video because it is made private for a reason. If nothing works then, you can try the above methods.


Can I watch private YouTube videos without permission?

According to YouTube’s rules and regulations, you can watch private videos only with permission. However, other solutions can help you surpass this restriction. Third-party utility tools like Video Cache View can help you watch private YouTube videos without permission. However, you should use this method only if the video owner declines your request to watch the video.

What are private videos on YouTube?

YouTube has strict privacy policies that allow users to set their videos private. Unlike public videos, you cannot watch private videos without permission. This setting encourages users not to upload inappropriate content on the platform.

What is the best utility tool to watch private YouTube videos?

Video Cache View is a great utility tool that can help you view private videos without permission. However, to make this tool work, you will need to find the Mpeg-Dash video format. For this, you will need to use software to convert the videos into MP4 format.

Who can create a YouTube channel?

Anyone can create a YouTube channel. Once you open a new channel, you can upload videos. Many people use this medium to earn money through their content.