Ray Donovan Season 8: When is it Releasing?


Ray Donovan is a TV series that doesn’t require any introduction. With the fans looking forward to the release of the eighth season, it isn’t surprising that most of the viewers are now anticipating that the show will release Season 8 pretty soon.

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However, there are speculations that the show is going to be canceled following the seventh season. But, since nothing has been confirmed yet, we can hope that these speculations don’t hold any truth to their claims at all.

Ray Donovan Season 8

Until then, let us browse through all the details we know about Ray Donovan Season 8 and its potential release date.

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What is the Plot of Ray Donovan Season 8?

the Plot of Ray Donovan Season 8

Ray Donovan follows the life of the namesake to whom all the LA power players come for deals and to make conflicts and issues disappear. With the kind of power that Ray holds, it isn’t surprising that he also has a stream of enemies around him.

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When Donovan’s father is released from jail, things take a turn for the worse, leading to a series of disasters that follow. The seasons walk you through those individual events along the way.

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With the possibility of the show ending with Season 7, there is a high chance that Season 8 isn’t going to happen. So, we don’t have any idea about the plot (if any).

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When is Ray Donovan Season 8 Releasing?

When is Ray Donovan Season 8 Releasing?

Ray Donovan Season 8 is most likely going to be canceled. The show hasn’t been renewed for a new season yet, which means that there are high chances that it’s not happening altogether.

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However, since the creators and the network hasn’t released any official statement yet, we’d have to wait until that to confirm our suspicions about the Season’s eventual release.

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Who is cast in Ray Donovan Season 8?

Who is cast in Ray Donovan Season 8

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Although there is no confirmation about a Season 8 yet, if it were to return, we can virtually hope that all the protagonists and the supporting characters from the first seven seasons will come back in the new season as well. However, until the show is confirmed for Season 8, it is difficult to pinpoint who will be returning to the cast.

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If you are an avid fan of Ray Donovan and have been awaiting more news about the release of Season 8, we hate to disappoint but the chances of it returning are slim. What we’d recommend you do is finish the first seven seasons since they cover the story quite well.

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