Tehran Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

Tehran Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

Tehran is a series based on thriller drama from the USA. It premiered on June 22, 2020. The network where the premiere was done was Apple TV Network. Till now , the series has completed a total of 16 episodes in 2 seasons. Every episode of the seasons released were shown on friday at 12 am. The average rating of the Tehran series is 7.6/10. Tehran is worth watching according to the reviews and ratings received by the audience.

Talking about the creators of the series, the makers are Alon Aranya and Peter Emerson who were also executive producers. Tehran is a little difficult to understand at first but later with further episodes the story becomes more interesting and clear. It is a pulse – pounding journey.

Tehran Season 3


Tehran Season 3 Plot

Tamar, the lead actor, has jewish roots but kept it a secret and never told anyone. Tamar is not afraid or ashamed of her origin. Tamar is a secretive person and keeps her identity to herself and carries out a global mission . To pretend her identity, she presents herself as a muslim lady. Her motive goal is to bring harm to Iran and almost disable it. Tamar is very good in computer science and always has a solution to how to deal with any computer related query and problem statement. She is a talented woman and always deals with her problems on her own. 

However, she not always gets the situations as planned by her because during the assignment, her boss tries to misbehave (rape) her . Even after all these situations, she comes uo strong and deals with everything, she is not afraid of death and injuries but does what is responsible for. 


Tehran Season 3 Cast

The mail roles in Tehran show are played by very talented actors and actresses, below is the given list of the actors name and their played roles:

1. Niv Sultan – Tamar Rabinyan

Niv Sultan - Tamar Rabinyan

2. Shaun Toub – Faraz kamali

Shaun Toub - Faraz kamali 

3. Menashe Noy – Meir gorev

Menashe Noy - Meir gorev

4. Liraz charchi – Yael kadosh

Liraz charchi - Yael kadosh 

5. Shervin alenabi – milad kahani

Shervin alenabi - milad kahani

6. Navid negahban – masoud tabrizi

Navid negahban - masoud tabrizi


Tehran Season 3 Release Date

After looking after the previously released seasons of Tehran, the potential release date for season 3 is 15th June 2023. The fans have to wait for more for the next season. The expectations among the fans are very high. Season 3 is expected to show the series further in 8 episodes with the same level of thriller and suspense as was in season 1 and season 2.