Bless This Mess Season 3: Is it Coming Back?

Bless This Mess Season 3: Is it Coming Back?

A good comedy-drama series can be a blessing for the soil and Bless this Mess stands up to its name. Despite showcasing the simplicity and fun of the country lifestyle, the show has managed to gather a dedicated realm of the audience, who are hooked to the first two seasons and are on the lookout for the next one.

Featuring a heavy dose of comedy, fun, and drama, Bless this Mess is all set to return to ABC in 2023 with the third and hands down one of the most anticipated seasons.

Bless This Mess Season 3

If you are quite excited about the third season and have been on the lookout for some details, we have got your back.

What is the Plot of Bless this Mess Season 3?

the Plot of Bless this Mess Season 3

For the viewers who haven’t watched the first two seasons, we’d recommend you do that first. Following the life of a married couple, the story follows their journey from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a small town in Nebraska.

The protagonists, Mike and Rio, being new to the completely different lifestyle in the countryside are faced with a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to communication and adjusting to the slow lifestyle.

How they navigate through these challenges every day is what Bless this Mess Season 3 is all going to be about.

When is Bless this Mess Season 3 Releasing?

When is Bless this Mess Season 3 Releasing

Bless this Mess is reportedly returning on July 25, 2023, as per the announcement made by ABC Network.

This is currently a tentative date because no official confirmation has come yet. However, with the degree of speculation that has been raised, we can pretty much confirm that the renewed season is all set to return in the middle of 2023.

Who is going to be in Bless this Mess Season 3?

Who is going to be in Bless this Mess Season 3

Since the production of the third season has been very quiet, it isn’t surprising that there isn’t much information available regarding the cast yet.

However, if we had to guess, Dax Shepherd and Lake Bell are returning as protagonists in the show. Besides that, Ed Begley Jr., Pam Grier, JT Neal, David Koecher, etc. are also coming back in Season 3.

  • Dax Shepherd

Dax Shepherd

  • Lake Bell

Lake Bell


Bless this Mess is a lighthearted family drama that’s a breath of fresh air to watch after a hectic day. If you have been anticipating the release of the third season, we hope this article gives you all the details you have been looking for.