Google Photos To Charge Its Users For Some Editing Features

Google Photos is one of the efficient and favorite apps for many. Not just Android users, but also Apple users love using this app to save their photos. Google Photos will allow the users to save their pictures in the app without taking away the storage space from their smartphone. 

According to recent reports, the users of Google Photos might have to make a payment in the future to continue using the app’s complete service. Some of the specific features on Google Photos will require the users to pay some amount to continue. 

Report by XDA Developers

The report by XDA Developers suggests that some of the features on Google Photos might require payment to continue and only the subscribers of Google One will be allowed to use these features. 

According to XDA Developers, Google Photos might introduce Google One paywall for some of the editing features. XDA Developers found this after it did a teardown of the Google Photos app’s latest version 5.18. 

The report also suggests that the ‘color pop up’ feature might be one of the features on Google Photos for which the users might be required to pay. The report had screenshots attached to it that were sent by the user. In the screenshot, it was shown that Google was pushing paid Google One subscription to the users while opening the ‘Color pop’ feature. According to XDA Developers, Google Photos is bringing some extra editing features to the app, which will be exclusive only for Google one member. 

The members of Google One will also be able to use extra editing features when compared to the ones who are not a part of the subscription service of Google. There are no official details regarding the payment info from Google yet. 

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