Reports suggest iPhone 12’s camera module cannot be replaced by third-party technicians

iPhone 12’s camera module

iFixit’s iPhone 12 reparability test has revealed that Apple’s iPhone 12 camera module cannot be swapped. This might be Apple’s strategy to prevent the third party technicians to repair iPhone 12’s camera and screen. iFixit thinks that this might not be the hardware defect of Apple, but a software tweak that Apple might not intend voluntarily. 

According to the guide issued by Apple, the authorized technicians have to run Apple’s proprietary Cloud linked system configuration app to repair the camera and screens of iPhone 12 completely. This will also apply to the upcoming phones of Apple. 

What does iFixit’s report say?

iPhone 12’s camera module

According to the report by iFixit, the camera of the iPhone 12 will not work reliably if it is transferred to another iPhone 12. The camera might work initially when it is transferred to another iPhone 12, but it fails badly with continuous or constant use. Once the camera is transferred to another iPhone 12, it responds only to certain camera modes. It is also found to be hanging at times. The camera finds it unable to switch to ultra-wide camera mode and sometimes becomes completely irresponsive.  

You should know that similar responding behavior or issue was not observed in Apple iPhone 12 Pro cameras when they were transferred. This problem seems to be persisting only in the units of the iPhone 12. 

This might be a software issue that Apple would have never intended to introduce or it might have introduced it by knowing the consequences. We do not know about it. But, as the issue has been spotted now, Apple might take appropriate actions regarding it by rolling out fixes to this issue. 

It is a well-known factor that Apple does not like its devices being repaired by third-party technicians. So, this issue is not surprising at all. 

iFixit has also done its research on the internal training guides that have been authorized by Apple for iPhone 12. In the internal training guides, it found Apple openly telling the technicians to run Apple’s proprietary Cloud linked system configuration app to repair the cameras and phone screens completely with reliability. 

Technicians must follow this from iPhone 12 and with upcoming Apple phones. So, it is doubtful that Apple might have made this camera issue unintentionally. An official confirmation or response from Apple is awaited in this regard.


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