CERT-In Advises Users To Update Their Mozilla Firefox Browser Immediately

CERT-In Advises Users To Update Their Mozilla Firefox Browser Immediately

The CERT-In or Indian Computer Emergency Response Team wants users to update their Mozilla Firefox web browser immediately as they have found many vulnerabilities. 

According to CERT-In, they have found high-risk security issues in the Firefox web browser. They said that if it is not fixed at the earliest, then there are chances of attackers stealing your data. This is why they have asked every Firefox user to update their web browser to version 80. 

CERT-In has said that they have come across many vulnerabilities in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. These issues are so serious that it can increase the chances of a remote attacker stealing all your data. They can bypass your security restrictions and access important information. Not just that, but they can also carry out a spoofing attack or timing-based side-channel attack. They can even go to the extent of conducting an arbitrary code on a targeted system.

To keep your browser and device safe, CERT-In has asked the users to update their present Firefox web browser. They believe that doing so could solve many of the problems and also reduce the chances of your device getting hacked or attacked.

When CERT-In was asked to explain the vulnerabilities, they said Firefox has many security issues that have resulted from an attack on the Mozilla Maintenance Service. According to the advisory, other issues include incorrect use of ECDSA signatures, incorrect use of prompts, incorrect resetting of the address bar, and side-channel error in P-384. Due to all these security issues, it has become risky to use Firefox without updating it.

They also said that it has increased the risk of your device getting attacked by a remote attacker. They can take advantage of these vulnerabilities and host a fake webpage to fool the user to visit it and then steal their information.

CERT-In has recently issued a warning for all Firefox users about the android malware strain which is called the BlackRock. This malware can steal data and also attack a large variety of android applications.

This new malware strain can be used to steal user’s credit card details and credentials from eCommerce apps, emails, virtual currency, entertainment apps, financial and banking apps, and messaging and social media apps. According to news, the attack campaign is active worldwide.

CERT-In also said that the malware is designed with the use of Xerxes banking malware which is a kind of android Trojan. The main highlight of this malware is that it can target a wide range of android applications including financial and banking apps as well. Not just that, but it can also attack other non-banking apps.

This is why CERT-In has issued a warning to let all Firefox users know what they may face if they ignore to update their browser. They are trying to fix the issue at the earliest. but in the meantime, they want you to update your web browser to keep everything safe.


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