Sony PlayStation 5’s Revamped UI Comes With Control Center and Other Improvements

Sony PlayStation 5's Revamped UI Comes With Control Center

Recently, Sony has revealed the new PlayStation 5 UI through an official video on their YouTube channel. The new PS5 UI is completely different from the other UI updates released by the company.

The video showcases the ‘Control Center’ that can be accessed with just a press of a button. Users are required to press the PS button on their controller to access the Control Center any time they want. Not just that, but they can also access the new Cards feature and home screen.

The company has introduced a new set of cards in the Control Center showcasing things like the recent screenshot, news, game progress, and much more.

The video uploaded by the company on their YouTube channel reveals all the new changes that are carried by this UI. Players will be able to get their hands on the new PS5 UI when the PlayStation 5 is released on 12th November. For now, the new console will be launched only in some regions. The console will reach the global market on 19th November.

The video clip is 11 minutes long and starts with the PS5 console resuming from its ‘sleep’ state. In the clip, we are shown the ‘Control Center’ featuring the card layout with other options at the bottom. These new options are added to allow users to gain immediate access to things like checking notifications, going back to the home screen, settings, online friends, and much more.

As far as the Cards are concerned, they showcase game screenshots, news stories from developers. The new layout also has an Activities section is integrated with the games. This section is meant to “remove barriers to the gameplay.” It displays activities from games. In other words, it will provide you details on achievements, levels, and more. 

PlayStation Plus is enabled to use the official game help in some of the PS5 games. This will give players hint to help them solve a mission or a problem. 

The new PS5 UI will also allow players to check out the games that their friends are playing. Not just that, but they can also watch their gameplay. The new UI makes it easier for players to start a multiplayer game and join a party. Players can also capture videos and screenshots in 4K resolution on the upcoming PlayStation 5.

The developers have also made changes to the PS5 home screen. It showcases a “simple and superfast access to what you need.” The new UI will have independent tabs for media apps and games. Each game will be allotted with more details for players to know.

This feature can also be used by backward compatible PS4 games. The new UI has the PlayStation Store integrated into the system which means it is no longer an independent app like it used to be. 

For now, that’s all we know about the new UI. Once we get more information, we will update you guys.


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