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Best Alternatives To 1movies

With our daily life taking a toll on us it has become quite difficult to get even 5 minutes of the window for yourself. In such times torrent movie sites play the role of a messiah in our lives. One such torrent site is 1movies. It not only gives you the movies but also accompanies them with the latest news about them. However, these torrent sites have been declared illegal in various places across the world. They are morally as well as legally an offense that calls for serious punishment. Now as we trace the brilliance of this torrent site named 1movies we are also going to take a look at some of the legal alternatives that we suggest you try out rather. Let’s get going then!

What is 1movies?


1movies is a torrent movie downloading and watching site. It mostly focuses its collection on Hollywood movies and various web series or television shows. One unique thing about This site is that it also has a lot of the latest news on the blockbusters and the movies that it has in its collection. You can be sure to find any latest movie that has been released in the theatres on this site in no time. But that one thing about it using pirated versions of movies turns out to be a major setback for the site’s many potential users. The people who accessed such sites also rendered the risk of getting caught by the government and get punished. However, apart from that, there is not much wrong that one can point out about this site.

Features of 1movies:

It is easy to make a debut in the entertainment sector. But if or not you will stay there is completely up to the services that you can provide. In that regard, 1movies rarely fails. Here are some characteristics of the site that makes the risk of accessing it worth it. 

  1. You can watch films and television shows at your convenience. That is the best part about 1movies. You do not need to visit the theatres or get ready, you can just curl up on your couch and log in to the site and start enjoying the movie that you desire. 
  2. The site of 1movies does not require any subscription fee or a membership fee. You can access the contents of the site without spending a single penny. The service you get in return is rather commendable. 
  3. The site of 1movies is maintained in such a professional way that anyone can find their way through the site with quite ease. The movies are quite properly arranged for the users’ ease to find media content for their use. 
  4. Happiness grows if you share it. On 1movies, you can not only watch movies of your choice on the site but also share the links with your friends. This way you can enjoy some quality time with your friends and family without even physically being with them.
  5. You can either watch movies online or download them and watch them later. This feature lets everyone enjoy their own choice of content as per their choice. If you are someone who cannot get much time off from your daily chores, you can start streaming a movie online and catch up on it just from where you. You can also download them to watch over the weekend. 
  6. You can get all kinds of movies, especially the latest ones on the site. You would not have to wait for the movies to be premiered on the televisions. You can get them on the site quite easily and quite fast. 

Categories of movies on 1movies:

The library of 1movies has a rainbow coloured collection of movies. It is valid in genres of movies starting from romance to trailers and crime. No matter which kind of a movie lover you are you can get anything and everything on this site. You can even say that this is one of the best hubs for a cinephile. 

The categories of movies on the site? Here is the list!

  1. Hollywood latest movies
  2. Bollywood movies 
  3. English dubbed movies 
  4. English subbed movies
  5. Hindi comedy movies
  6. Bengali movies
  7. South Indian movies

Steps to watching movies on 1movies:

The user interface of the site is quite easy to handle. The home page of the site is one of the best that someone can ever come across. It has all the trending shows and movies listed right there on the homepage from which you can select one if you want. If however your choice of content is not listed here you can follow the below steps to get what you want from the site. 

  1. You will first have to install VPN software on the device that you will be using to stream the videos. This is required so that you can fake your location on the Internet as someplace where the site is legal.
  2. Once you are done with the installation of the software in your device you will have to select an IP address of a place where the site can be accessed legally. 
  3. The hardest part of your job is now done. You will have to now search for the URL of the site. Make sure that you choose the current working site as torrent movie watching sites keep changing their domain addresses to be in business.
  4. After you are inside the site you can either choose any kind of media content from the homepage itself or search for one manually. You can also select one of the categories or genres and listed on the site to make your search much more precise. 
  5. Now that you are done with selecting the movie that you want to watch, you will be provided with two options by the site. You can either stream the movie online or download it for later.
  6. Click on the option that will let you stream the movie online and grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

12 Best Alternatives To 1movies in 2022

Here is how you can get the only thing wrong with 1movies right- its illegality. Here are some of the legal alternatives that you can use instead of 1movies. We would rather that you give these a try instead of using 1movies.

1. Kanopy

This site contains some of the best and quite assiduously picked up movies on its list. The site contains some quite educational lists of movies. However, it does not keep itself limited to just educational movies but has various other kinds of movies too. This is a site that is suitable for every age group and has something to offer to everyone who comes the way. it is believed to have a library of movies that have been selected only after discussion with different libraries and universities.

2. Retrovision

If you are someone who loves to watch classics then this is the site you must go for. As the name suggests the site is rich in the classics from the olden ages of cinema. Some, nay, most masterpieces belong to the old era of cinema. This is a great site for times when the entire family gets together and enjoy some quality time. 

3. YouTube 

YouTube contains all kinds of content that you could want to watch. It does not only have movies but also has a plethora of different other media content such as short films and song videos on it as well. You can also watch tutorials of various kinds on YouTube or even upload your videos after creating a channel. 

4. Top Documentary Films

If you are someone who enjoys documentary films and likes to know about real incidents and real-life characters then this is a site that you can try out once. The video quality and there’s resolutions acquired top-notch. You can get almost all documentary films that ever was there in the history of cinema.

5. Vudu

This site lets you rent movies. You can also stream movies on this site but the site is mainly known for renting movies for a certain time. Also, the option to stream the movies online rather than renting them is available for only some movies that are present on the site.

6. Yidio

This is more than just one movie watching site. You can access all the content that is provided on various other online platforms such as Netflix and many others via this one site. This may for some require a bit of time to get used to. The site however provides free service to its users and also has an app that you can download.

7. Plex

Plex lets you make your collection of movies and stored them in the form of your library. This lets you access the movies and shows that you like to binge-watch quite easily. The site is quite well maintained as well and is known to have a user-friendly interface.

8. The Roku Channel

If you want free but premium television shows and movies then this is a site that you must visit. The site is the home too the latest movies and shows that have made quite a mark in the market. The site however me has video advertisements pop up during a movie but it is something that you can take care of by installing an ad blocker on your device.

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is quite a well-known name in this sector. It consists of various kinds of movies that are spread across video genres, time, and language. The categories of movies that the site has will surely fit the desires and standards of any cinephile out there.

10. PopCornFlix

Again quite a popular name amongst free legal movie watching sites, Popcornflix will surely have what you want without a doubt. However, a major problem with the site is the fact that it faces a lot of traffic due to its immense popularity amongst the masses. But the content to which you get access to in the site is quite certainly worth the traffic.

11. Redbox

Redbox does more than offering DVDs. The company also regulates a streaming service where people can access content and stream some of them for free. Here, people can stream content live or even download them. If any content isn’t available for free streaming, it means that you have to subscribe to the platform to access its content. Like the latest movie streaming platforms, even 1movies is also compatible with smartphones and smart TVs. One thing that you can be sure of is top-quality content. Red box has been operating for years now, satisfying its users to the fullest.

12. Xumo

Another legal alternative for 1movies that’s worth considering is Xumo. The platform has more than 100 channels, which are sorted into different groups. Here, you can find several groups based on genres, language, year of release, IMDb rating, actors starring, etc. If you are still unable to get the content you are looking for, you can simply search for it in the search bar. You are sure to lose yourself while browsing through its amazing collection. Starting from western content to science fiction and psychological thrillers, Xumo offers every kind of content that’s sure to cater to everyone’s choices. 


We understand that plagiarism is an act that is morally and now legally wrong. 1movies uses pirated content on its site. Even though we do not disagree on the point that the site indeed is one of the best in terms of serving its users, we do however object to its mode of functioning. Online piracy is a criminal offense and should be so as well. We in no way encourage or support such acts and practises of plagiarism or piracy. Information provided above is for the sole purpose of educating the reader about the site and its legal alternatives and nothing more.


How popular is 1movies?

The 1movies is quite a popular site. It is one of the top torrent sites that one can access to get the movie of their choice.

Does 1movies allow you to download content on local storage?

Now generally this would be out of the question for most of the sites. However, the site we are concerned with at the moment allows you to accommodate movies in your local storage.

Is 1movies safe?

No, the site is not safe. It lacks the safety and security that a Google site would assure its users with. 

Are the alternatives safe?

Yes, the alternatives that are provided in the list above are all safe. The lack of security while using the site of 1movies is also another reason why using it is not suggested. 

Do any of the alternatives require a subscription fee? 

We have tried to keep the list free of any such site which charges you any amount of money to watch or stream content on it. This option is sometimes available to the user but is not mandatory.