The PS5 controller now comes with full Steam Input API support

The PS5 controller now comes with full Steam Input API support

It’s good news for all the PS5 users because now the PS5 controller comes with full Steam input API supports. This means you can now use your PS5 controller on Steam and play hundreds of games with ease. 

Recently, Valve made an announcement saying that the new PS5 DualSense Controller can now work on Steam with Input API support. To be more precise, the trackpad, LED, gyro, and rumble of the PS5 controller are available for players to configure in games with the help of beta Steam.

This is to stand up to the basic provisional functions that are included in the Steam beta client in the previous week. After further testing, Platform-wide support will ship be available.

The Steam Input API is a side tool for the developers that allows players to easily plug, remap and play almost any controller using a Steam game. This is to give you a better and seamless gaming experience. As soon as you plug in your controller, the in-game prompts show the symbols and right buttons. No matter, what device you are playing on, these prompts will show on your screen. Valve also posted an update note for developers saying that millions of players use controllers to play on Steam every day. 

The number of players using controllers in controller-friendly games is very high. They also said that some of the games like the skateboarding ones have 90% of the players using controllers.

This is great news for all the gamers who love to play on Steam with their controllers. This new change will give a better gaming experience to players.

For now, we need to wait to see whether Valve starts to work on haptics support. It would be better if they introduce full haptics support for the PS5 controller on Steam. If this comes true, then this is going to be one of the biggest updates to how the Steam Input API works.

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