Apple Is Planning To Launch Its Search Engine to Take on Google


Since the beginning of the internet, we have been using Google which is currently the most popular search engine in the world. Although we have many other search engines, none could ever beat the performance of Google.

According to the news, Apple is planning to launch its very own search engine to take on Google. In case, you didn’t know Google pays huge loads of money to Apple so that they can remain the default search engine on macOS, iPad, and iOS. But if the news is true, then Google will no longer be the company’s default search engine. But according to reports, the tech giant is planning to design a search engine of their own.

Coywolf is a report cited that many indicators tell Apple is currently working on developing its search engine. Just so you know, the company has also posted for job opportunities for experienced search engineers. The listings focus on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

As per the post, iPadOS 14 beta and iOS 14, Spotlight Search of the company bypass Google Search to generate search results. Even the page of Applebot was updated which said that it crawls websites regularly. 

Based on the Spotlight Search pattern and descriptions, Coywolf states that Apple’s search engine could be a personalised data hub. According to the post, Apple’s search engine could be similar to android’s Google Assistant. However, it could be completely private and have no ads at all.

It is also reported that Apple is planning to integrate ML and AI in its search engine so that it can generate search results after accessing the iOS documents, user’s contacts, events, emails, messages, files, music, news, maps, notes, photos, news, reminders, movies, TV shows, and third-party apps. 

It is also expected that the launch of Apple’s search engine could challenge Google’s search engine. It can also affect the revenue collection of the company to a great extent. 

According to reports, Google has been paying huge sums of money to remain Apple’s default search engine on the Safari Web browser. The UK Competition and Markets Authority stated that the relation between Google and Apple creates a wall to stop the entry of any other search engine in the market. Now that the contract between the two companies is under speculation, Apple can decide to break its deal with Google.


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