YouTube Is Testing Simplified Video Quality Controls & Settings for Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Streaming

YouTube Is Testing Simplified Video Quality Controls & Settings

According to reports, the video streaming giant, YouTube is busy testing new video quality settings to give a better and improved user experience. This new set is designed to automatically adjust the video resolution based on the user’s data-usage preferences. 

Currently, the company is testing these new video quality settings in the beta version. Once they finalise everything, this new setting will be soon added to the current YouTube settings. This will allow users to select a specific resolution, ranging from 144p to 4K. 

This setting is introduced for the convenience of users as they will be able to select the playback resolution based on their data-usage preference for streaming videos. Based on reports, the new settings menu will include options such as auto, data saver, and higher picture quality. Users will also get an advanced option to select a specific resolution.

According to 9to5Google, the video settings menu will also show the current video resolution on top. Along with that, it will also give users the option to choose different settings for streaming videos on mobile data and Wi-Fi.

These new changes in YouTube’s settings are introduced to make things more convenient for users. Right now, the company is testing the settings in the beta version. Once everything is done, they will add the new settings in the current YouTube settings.

According to reports, all the settings are being tested in beta version 15.45.32. Right now, the video streaming giant is yet to reveal any details on when they are rolling out these features. We are hoping that the new settings menu will be out soon for everyone to use.

We are also yet to know whether the video quality settings menu will be changed for all users globally or not. There is a chance that it will be limited to certain regions only. However, we cannot tell anything for sure right now.

YouTube as a video streaming platform has come a long way. From the time the platform was launched, it has made improvements and added new features to give a better user experience. They are once again trying to bring something new to the plate. Once the new video quality settings menu is added, users will be able to select the playback resolution based on their data usage. This new feature is great and will be highly appreciated by everyone.


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