The Best Gadgets and Upgrades for Sunglasses this Year

The Best Gadgets and Upgrades for Sunglasses this Year

Love your sunglasses but wondering if they could be modified to suit your lifestyle better? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether you love to play sports and are fed up with your shades flying off your face or are finding that your sunnies slipping from the car’s center console has gotten old, there are plenty of mods, gadgets, and upgrades out there that could be perfect for you. We round up the best of the low and high-tech options below.

Sunglasses Headphones

Thinking that what would really uplevel your shades is a pair of Bluetooth speakers embedded in the armbars? Then you’ll be delighted to learn that you can actually purchase stylish sunnies that boast this very gadget!

While some models work through a standard type of speaker that’s just very small, there are others that use bone conduction technology – the frames themselves emit vibrations that are delivered directly to the inner ear, allowing the wearer to experience the sound. Alternatively, there are standalone glasses speakers available that can be attached to the arms of most shades.

Advanced Lens Coating

Today, there are more opportunities to customize your shades, including prescription sunglasses, than ever before. Many eyewear brands now offer a wide range of additional lens coatings, such as a microscopically thin anti-glare coating that eliminates distracting reflections from both the front and back surfaces of the lenses or scratch-resistant treatments to prolong the life of your eyewear.

While some sunglasses already incorporate 100% UV protection, an invisible dye can be added to other lenses to block out UV light. This is a great option if you’ve found a pair of shades that you love, but the lenses aren’t quite up to par when it comes to sun protection.

Mini HD Camera

Want to capture images and videos on the go, but smart glasses aren’t for you? Then consider a mini HD camera that’s been specifically designed to attach to the arms of glasses or sunglasses. Silicone mounts typically secure the camera to the frames, and the media captured using this device can be easily transferred to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and companion app.

Mini cameras are a great, versatile way to record your adventures – plus, they can be switched between frames, perfect if you have several pairs of shades and eyeglasses.


A low-tech but effective solution to glasses that slip down the nose is Nerdwax! This clever chapstick contains natural ingredients, including beeswax and coconut oil, and is applied to your sunglasses’ nose pads. The wax serves to increase grip, meaning you’ll spend less time pushing your shades back up your nose and more time simply looking fabulous as you go about your day.

Sunglasses Straps

Sometimes, the best gadgets are the simplest ones. A sunglasses strap is an easy, cheap way to ensure your shades stay on your face, even when you’re enjoying sports. These stretchy, elasticated straps affix to the armbars of your eyewear and then can be slipped over the head.

When choosing a sunglasses strap, be sure that it fits both your shades and your head to ensure maximum comfort and security. It’s also a good idea to look for straps made of lightweight, fast-drying materials – they often come in multi-packs, which make for even better value for money.

Car Clip for Sunglasses

We’ve all been there – we’ve taken our sunglasses off, perhaps popped them on our car’s center console, and they’ve slipped off and to the floor as we turn a corner. This neat little gadget puts an end to such things, though. Car sunglasses clips typically incorporate a universal clip that can be attached to the car interior’s ventilation panel or made into a stand that will sit securely in the center console.

Look for an option that has a soft lining, ideally microfiber, to protect the frames and lenses from scratches while traveling.

Smart Sunglasses

And, of course, mention must be made of the sunglasses that are gadgets in and of themselves. Smart sunglasses typically double as Bluetooth speakers and a camera, and touch-sensitive surfaces on the frames give the wearer access to volume control, call, and playback features.

The Amazon Echo frames give the wearer the benefit of Alexa’s assistance whenever required, meaning you can get answers to questions, request music tracks, get notifications, and much more, all from your sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new gadget for your sunglasses – whether these are standard shades or prescription sunnies – you’re not short of options! From speakers to clips, you have the opportunity to customize your sunglasses to suit your unique lifestyle – without breaking the bank.


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