Apple Expected to Launch New iPad Pro and iPad Air Models in May, Says Mark Gurman

Apple Expected to Launch New iPad Pro and iPad Air Models in May, Says Mark Gurman

Apple is getting ready to update its iPad Air and iPad Pro versions. Many rumors and stories have appeared online recently, giving hints about what these new tablets might be like. It’s believed that the new iPad Air and iPad Pro will have new processors and bigger screens. 

Initially, it was thought that Apple would release these iPads in April, but now there’s news saying that the release date might be delayed.

Apple Expected to Launch New iPad Pro and iPad Air

Mark Gurman, a renowned tech analyst sheds light on the launch date of these devices, offering insights into the latest developments. He reveals that Apple’s suppliers are ramping up production in preparation for the expected release.

According to Gurman, Apple is expected to introduce the long-awaited iPad Air and iPad Pro models in early May, approximately one month before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is slated to take place on 10th June. 

Gurman had previously suggested in a report that these products might be launched by the end of March or in April. However, he now attributes the delay to the complex manufacturing process and software development involved in producing the rumored new displays for the models.

According to insider information, Apple is gearing up to introduce four new iPad Pro variants, codenamed J718, J717, J720, and J721. These models are set to be powered by Apple’s latest M3 chipset and will support redesigned versions of the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.

Additionally, Apple is exploring the integration of OLED screens into the upcoming iPad models. The iPad Air, currently available in a 10.9-inch size, is rumored to receive a significant upgrade with a larger 12.9-inch display. The next-generation iPad Air is expected to feature landscape-oriented front cameras and M2 chipsets, enhancing performance and user experience.

Recent leaks suggest that the upcoming iPad Pro models will boast thinner bezels and will be offered in both matte and glossy screen variations. Insider sources claim that the 12.9-inch variant will sport a 7.08mm bezel, while the 1-inch variant will feature a 7.12mm bezel, representing a 15% and 10% reduction, respectively, compared to their older counterparts.

While the 2024 iPad Air model is expected to come larger, it’s likely to maintain the same chassis and frame design as its predecessor.

With anticipation building and tech enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, all eyes are on Apple as the company gears up to unveil its latest offerings in the tablet technology space.

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