iPhone 16 Cases Leak, Hinting at Pill-Shaped Rear Camera Setup

iPhone 16 Cases Leak, Hinting at Pill-Shaped Rear Camera Setup

Rumors swirl as leaked images of iPhone 16 cases surface online, suggesting a possible overhaul in design. Expected to debut in the latter half of 2024, the iPhone 16 Plus and iPhone 16 are expected to boast notable changes, including a pill-shaped rear camera island.

A leaked picture displaying cases for the iPhone 16 models offers insight into what to expect from the upcoming iPhone models. The regular models are rumored to feature a vertical pill-shaped arrangement for the cameras. If this turns true, we will no longer have the square camera setup with rounded edges seen in the iPhone 15 series and earlier models.

iPhone 16 Cases Leak

The leaked images, revealed by tipster Sonny Dickson via X, showcase cases for both the Plus and standard models. The cases feature a vertical rear camera bump, indicating a departure from the square layout seen in previous models like the iPhone 15 series.

Talking about the leaked images, one of the cases seems slightly larger than the other one, suggesting it could be for the iPhone 16 Plus. In that case, the smaller case should be for the standard model. Both cases feature a vertical rear camera bump, accompanied by a plastic cutout to accommodate the LED flash placed beside the camera island.

The new camera arrangement might be a component of a redesigned model that has been rumored multiple times in recent months. According to MacRumors, the upcoming handsets might also boast a dual rear camera system arranged vertically to facilitate spatial recording. This feature was absent in the iPhone 15 due to its diagonal camera setup, but its inclusion in the iPhone 16 series could mark a significant enhancement.

Moreover, the leaked cases hint at the inclusion of Apple’s Action button across all iPhone 16 models, a feature previously exclusive to the Pro variants in the iPhone 15 series. Additionally, rumors of a ‘Capture’ button making its debut later this year add to the anticipation surrounding Apple’s upcoming flagship devices.

Recent leaks also shed light on the potential color options for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, suggesting a range of four shades to choose from upon release. Also, we can expect to receive more insight as the devices approach the Engineering Validation Testing (EVT) stage of development.

As excitement builds for the upcoming launch, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await further details regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 16 series.

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