The Future Trend of the Modern Gaming Apps

The Future Trend of the Modern Gaming Apps

During the recent years, mobile technology has taken the life of humans by storm. It has been found that in research, the average time spent on their mobile phone on non-voice issues by the people at large has increased by five times. Of all the factors it has been seen that most of the time spent by the people on their Smartphones is due to playing mobile games.  The revenue earned from the mobile gaming industry touched around $7.8 billion in 2012 and grew to touch around $100 billion in the year 2017. By the year 2019, it became a $150 billion industry globally.

This trend started becoming popular after the advent of the Internet as earlier, people used to go to the land based casinos for playing games. When the Internet started penetrating every home and office, people prefer to play casino games from the comfort of their home or office computer. The thing aggravated further with the arrival of the Smartphone. People started enjoying playing the games from the comfort of the home lying down in the bed or sofa. Keeping with the trend, many online casino websites came into the market and they started luring the gamers with many promise.

But if you are a new gamer, you must be very careful because not all of these websites are not genuine and many of them have got the bad habit of running away with the players’ money. Hence you must play through a reputed casino player like WhiteLion so that you get your winning amount on time. A good and reliable online casino website may also provide you with the necessary tips of winning the games and that will be really helpful to you as a winner.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the recent mobile game app developments which are taking place in the current years.

1. Expansion Packs may go

Expansion Pack is known to be a simple addition to the existing mobile game. Recently, the mobile app developers are welcoming the idea of expansion packs as it is considered to be the best method to retain the game adopters initially and initiate them to come back to play more. Since the mobile gaming industry is going through a boom and the cost of getting new customers is sky rocketing in the recent times, it will be very much logical to keep happy the existing customers.

2. Rise of the Mini Games: 

These are generally known as small games and they crop up while playing the larger games. During this process, any extra additional steps of installation are not needed. It is socially integrated for promoting by sharing and competing among the friends. This concept is going to have huge importance in the future and it helps to increase the retention of the user by engaging them.

3. Mobile Gaming for People of All Ages

Most mobile app developers have got a bad habit of targeting the games for the people of younger generation. But the latest trend shows that this trend is changing quite fast. As the increasing number of people from all the age groups are becoming very much technically savvy and have a great amount of free time in their disposal, this market segment shall never be neglected. Developing games which will be of great interest to the adult population will be the next order of the day and it is going to stay in the long run. As the older population is increasing the younger ones in many countries, this market is surely going to expand in the coming years.

4. Mobile Game Revenues going Global 

With the spread of the Smartphone and the Internet, many mobile gamers are joining the list of people who are interested in playing mobile games. Though the United States is the market leader with 15% of the global mobile gamers come from that country only. New countries like India, China, Africa and the BRIC nations are coming out to be new emerging markets providing billions of dollars revenue to the global mobile gaming system. Keeping these markets in view, many global mobile game app developers are trying to make their presence felt by dropping the prices further in these regions in order to boost up the revenue in these markets.

5. Rapid Rise of Cost per Install (CPI’s)

As thousands of games are being launched in the market every month, they are also coming up with similar numbers of apps. Moreover, more online casino websites are being launched every month and hence the competition for finding new players is increasing with time. As a result of this, cost involved in getting new players is increasing especially for those games which generate higher revenue. With time as the competition is expected to become more intense, the cost per install or CPI is expected to grow more over the years. The reputed franchises of games are claiming that they have to pay heavy price in order to retain the existing players and also to find them from the market.

6. Augmented Reality Games are expected to gain momentum: 

Since more people are playing mobile games on their Smartphone, the Augmented Reality Games are becoming very popular as these types of games are more suitable for the smaller screens and are changing the outlook of the mobile gaming field. As a result of this, the AR apps which are coming into the market are increasing in number and more are in the development stage to grab the market by storm.

7. Cloud-based Games are increasing

Many large, medium and small gaming companies now prefer to develop cloud based gaming apps. The cloud based games are going for high end gaming engines so that they can go for incredible and high end visualizations and in such cases, can draw that power from the cloud. Since the entire data is stored on the cloud, many people can download it and the visibility can be huge without disturbing the server.