Prison School Season 2 Release Date and Story Line

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

If there is a list of the top ten anticipated anime shows, Prison School is most likely going to be on the top of the list. While the show has been on hold for the past five years, chances are that things are going to experience a final release of the second season soon and put a stop to the anticipation of the viewers.

With 8/10 in reviews and over 420,000 in upvotes, this is hands down one of the most anticipated shows that the audience has been looking forward to watching. So, if you are one of those fans who has been eyeing the release of the second season, now the best time for you to get excited.

Has Prison School been renewed for a second season?

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

The production company behind Prison School, J.C Staff is yet to confirm the official news surrounding the renewal of the second season of the show. However, it is completely futile for you to be disappointed, thinking that the second season wouldn’t be released anymore. The overall popularity of this show is a sign that the second season is on the way.

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The first season of the show wrapped up in September 2015 and was left with a cliffhanger and a range of loopholes. It was three years later in 2018 that the 28th chapter of the show was released. So, the second season of the show is going to unfold a range of stories that you wouldn’t have expected from it.

Tsutomu Mizushima, the director of Prison School took to an interview to show his gratefulness to the audience, however even he doesn’t know when the second season will air.

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What is the release date of Prison School Season 2?

Since the show hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, there are no updates as to when the show will be aired with new episodes. However, some rumors suggest that the audience can expect a late Fall 2021 release.

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Who is going to be cast in the Prison School Season 2?

The show will more often than not come with the same cast in the second season too. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so the audience will have to wait for an official confirmation for the same.

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Some of the common cast of the show include:

  • Taishi Nakagawa
  • Tokio Emoto
  • Masato Yano
  • Daiki Miyagi
  • Galigaligalixon

The cast can very well change once the official confirmation for the second season comes in.

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