When will Erased Season 2 be Released on Netflix? Anime Story and Plotline

Erased Season 2

Anime series are abundantly available on Netflix. However, one of the most awaited anime shows that the users have been avidly looking forward to watching is Erased. Ever since the release of its first season, viewers have been binge watching the show to then wait for the next season and to see how the next season of the show unfurls.

Although it is true that the first season of this anime series was released almost four years ago, it is also true that the second season could make the rounds pretty soon, especially since it is extremely common for anime shows to return after a while.

Will 2021 finally be the year the viewers get their second season of the show is something that every user is likely looking forward to viewing.

Is Erased renewed for a second season on Netflix?

Erased Season 2

No, unfortunately the second season of the show hasn’t yet been announced or renewed.

However, initial reports and rumors suggest that the show is likely going to be returning by the end of 2021 or by the beginning of 2022. But, everything is a rumor at this point with no official confirmation yet.

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The show is a spin-off of the Manga novel by Kei Senbe and consists of eight different volumes varying across multiple different kinds of plots and twists that the users wouldn’t be bored watching.

The first season of the show was released almost four years ago on Crunchyroll, Daisuki and Funimation in 2016. Since there are no official outlets for the show, the audience is till confused as to whether the second season of this anime series is going to come out anytime soon.

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What is the plotline about?

If you are completely new to the world of anime and Erased, in general, chances are that you wouldn’t know what the plotline of the show is all about. However, the basic plotline of the show revolves around the character of Yashiro, who is a killer.

Facing a trial for his crimes, Yashiro is thrust into court dates and constant criminal battles in the court where the plot follows his back story and what thrust him into the world of crime. During one of his court trials, Yashiro is assigned a new lawyer, Keny, who happens to be his childhood friend.

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From them on, the show takes you along the journey of self-discovery and finding the truth behind this killings and Yashiro’s character. In an interview, the creator of the Manga novel,

Kein Senbe suggested they aren’t ready to come out with a second season yet. However, there are a lot of loopholes and changes in the first season that will likely introduce new plot for the extrapolation of the second season.

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Who is going to be in Erased Season 2?

There haven’t been any reports about the potential release of Erased Season 2, which means that there are no reports as to who is going to star in the second season as well. However, the audience can very well expect voice over artists from the first season to make an appearance in the second one too.

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