Aesthetica of A Rogue Hero Season 2: Release Date, Rumors & Updates

Aesthetica of A Rogue Hero Season 2

Based on the Ecchi genre of anime, the Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is a hit or miss among the audience. The show involves themes surrounding adult situations and fan service, which several audiences loved and some didn’t. However, even amidst everything, nobody can deny the fact that the show has an extremely invigorating plot, something that the audience has appreciated time and time.

There is a range of slapstick sexual humor in the show, which is pretty common in the anime world. However, if you have watched normal animes meant for kids and teens till now, watching this is going to be a whole different experience for you altogether. Although the audience has made up with the adult content to an extent, the one thing that the audience has been unable to make sense of is the dialogue deliveries.

However, ever since the first season of the series, the watchful audience has been awaiting the release of the second season too.

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When is the release date of Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Season 2?

Aesthetica of A Rogue Hero Season 2

Although there isn’t any official confirmation about the second season of the show, the audience is expecting the same to happen pretty soon. The first season of this anime series first premiered in 2012 and although it has been nine years since then, there are chances that the show could be renewed for a second season pretty soon.

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The fans who enjoyed watching the show have even signed online petitions to bring back the show with a second season; however, things have been extremely disappointing since then. The post-premiere demand for the second season is the sole driving factor at this point.

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What can the audience expect from Season 2?

The first season of the show was quite conclusive, which means that there is no foreshadowing as to what the audience can expect from the second season. The first season includes scenes from the first three volumes of the novel, so chances are that the audience can very well expect to include more into the second season with the available material they have at their disposal.

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As per the rumors, the second season could unfold with the story from Volume 4 onwards. There could be further information about Akatsuki’s real little sister and further delve into the relationship between Akatsuki and Miu. Nothing is set in stone at this point and the audience is just waiting for an official confirmation for the show.

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