One Punch Man Chapter 136 Release Date, Spoilers: Saitama vs Blast Battle Confirmed in Manga

One Punch Man Chapter 136

One-Punch Man 136 Chapter All Details Shared

Manga fans can soon expect the release of One Punch Man 136 Chapter in early November. It is a well-known fact that the manga series has no particular release schedule. Even the recent chapters were released with a few days between each other. While it takes a few months for release between two chapters some chapters release with few days in-between. It will be an exciting moment for manga fans as they are waiting for the release of One Punch Man 136 Chapter. 

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In this chapter, the battle with Saitama is nearly confirmed and Blast Amai Mask has been reunited at last. If you’re looking for some details on the release date, spoilers, and how to read online manga series online, here are they.

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One-Punch Man 136 Chapter release date

One Punch Man Chapter 136

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Though the official date for the release of One Punch Man 136 Chapter is not yet known, it is expected that it would release around Sunday or November 1, according to few reports. The manga series fans will discuss this chapter on social media platforms and read it after the Chapter’s raw scans are released. The raw scans of the chapter will be leaked online two or three days before the release of the chapter. You can read the One Punch manga chapters free on VIZ media. You can also read them on Manga Plus official websites and platforms or Shonen Jump. But it is recommended for you to wait for the official release of the chapter.

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Spoilers of One Punch Man 136 Chapter 

You can expect the spoilers of One Punch Man 136 Chapter in a few days in the form of manga raw scans leaks online. In the One Punch Man Blast is considered as one of the top S-Class heroes. His whereabouts cannot be easily found. Before we could see Blast on action mode, it is highly possible that we could see some backstory about Blast, the evil hero. Everything about Blast is a mystery, but it is so sure that he would expose all his true powers in the One Punch Man 136 Chapter. In this chapter, the battle with Blast is expected and Saitama will Fight against the powerful characters in the universe. 

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In this chapter, Saitama vs Blast battle will be the highlight and the story might further move with Amai Mask seeing a Bizarre turn in his life.

Why is One Punch Man so popular?

If you have read the manga version of One Punch Man, you likely know that the show has gained so much traction for a reason. One of the main reasons why people are so attuned to the manga is because of its fun and light-hearted nature.

Despite the challenges and shortcomings that One Punch Man faces, he never takes himself seriously and is consistently focused on making the most out of his life. This is probably one of the reasons why the show has gained so much traction, much like the manga.

There are a lot of scenes in the manga that seem like a parody but in the best way, which further adds to the whole fun of the show.

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